Brew Rite Bunn-Sized Coffee Filter (1,000 ct.)


Brew Rite Bunn-Sized Coffee Filter (1,000 ct.)


About this item

  • Carefully developed to satisfy all professional needs
  • Perfect for offices and restaurants
  • 1,000-pack of coffee filters
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Brew Rite Bunn-Sized Coffee Filter (1,000 ct.)



Get clean, delicious coffee with Brew Rite® Bunn-Sized Coffee Filter 1,000 count. Coffee filters may be low on the list of priorities, but if a coffee machine is using poor quality filters, it’s immediately apparent in the taste of the coffee. Brew Rite coffee filters keep the coffee ground where they belong while allowing all of that incredible coffee flavor to filter its way down into the pot.


Do Brew Rite Coffee Filters Work with Other Coffee Makers?

Brew Rite Bunn-Sized Coffee Filters were made specifically to fit Bunn coffee makers. However, they’ll work just as well with any other 12-cup basket coffee maker. Buy them with confidence knowing they’re a versatile product you can use with any standard coffee machine.


Can You Buy Coffee Filters in Bulk?

This 1,000 count of coffee filters was put together with businesses and offices in mind. People go through a lot of coffee at work and the bigger the office, the more coffee gets made. Nothing will send productivity in a downward spiral faster than having coffee but no coffee filters. Buying Bunn coffee filters in bulk will keep the office stocked up Monday through Friday and even into overtime if the need arises.


Are Bunn Commercial Coffee Filters Restaurant Quality?

Bunn filters are made to the highest standard of coffee filters. They’re specifically designed to be used in restaurants and other food-service industries that rely on being able to serve hot, fresh coffee to customers who need it. Nobody wants to find grounds in the bottom of their coffee and Bunn coffee filters will keep every cup clean and drinkable from the first sip to the last.


What Makes Bunn Coffee Filters White?

Brew Rite commercial coffee filters have been whitened using a special oxygen process. While some coffee filters are whitened with other methods, oxygen whitening is universally considered the best way to whiten a coffee filter.



  • 1,000 count
  • Commercial coffee filters
  • Fits Bunn and other 12-cup basket-style commercial coffee makers
  • Oxygen whitened
  • For offices and restaurants
Weight 3.65 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 in