Brew Rite Coffee Filter (8-12 Cups, 700ct.)


Brew Rite Coffee Filter (8-12 Cups, 700ct.)


About this item

  • Brew Rite Coffee Filter simplifies your morning coffee
  • 3 1/4″ base, or 8-12 cups with each Brew Rite filter
  • 700 count


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Brew Rite Coffee Filter (8-12 Cups, 700ct.)



Keep your cupboard stocked with Brew Rite® Coffee Filters and never miss the chance to enjoy a delicious cup of fresh-brewed filter coffee.


Quit Worrying about Running

At 700 count, this package of Brew Rite Coffee Filter allows you the comfort of setting it and forgetting it. One year is 365 days; assuming you make one pot each day, that’s almost two years taken care of. While the rest of the items on your shopping list must be continually restocked, Brew Rite allows you complete control over one essential part of your morning routine. You can be sure that every time you reach for coffee filters, they’ll be there for months on end.


Unbeatable Value

Not only do Brew Rite Coffee Filter provides incredible convenience, they also do so at a dramatically reduced price. Every time you use a Brew Rite coffee filter, you are barely spending a penny! Don’t let filters clutter up your shopping cart and grocery receipt anymore. Instead, put your savings on filters toward the stuff that really matters: those smooth, delicious coffee beans that carry you through each day.


How are the Brew Rite Coffee Filters Used?

You have the ground coffee and you’ve filled the back of the coffee machine with water. How do you bring water and grounds together to create that rich, flavorful coffee you so desire? Simply place the filter in the basket above the coffee pot and scoop the right amount of grounds (usually indicated on the package they came in) into the paper filter. Turn on the machine and the water will be heated up and pumped into the area where the grounds are sitting. The hot water will extract that delicious coffee flavor from the grounds, becoming coffee, then seep through the paper filter and into your pot.


What Kind of Filters are These Brew Rite Coffee Filters?

Brew Rite Coffee Filters are basket-style filters, the kind that have a flat bottom and frilly sides. You can tell if these filters are right for you if the basket above the coffee pot has a flat bottom, rather than being cone-shaped. These filters are big enough to make 8-12 cups of coffee at a time; before buying, make sure your coffee machine is the right size for these filters. When in doubt, check the box your coffee machine came in.



  • 700 count
  • 8-12 cup size
  • Fits most home brewers
  • 3 1/4″ base
  • Basket-style coffee filters
  • Economy pack


Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 8 in