Buying guide for mobile and desktop users
Buying guide for mobile and desktop users

Buying guide for mobile and desktop users

Buying guide for mobile and desktop users

Jarasim is an online store that sells high-quality, genuine products in a variety of categories, including fashion, computers, food, consumables, housekeeping, health care, and personal care. All the products featured on Jarasim are 100 percent trusted with added security on the website. Check out process for Jarasim is very simple. We have explained the whole process for both mobile and desktop users.

For Desktop Users:

For Mobile Users:

1. First off all search for the product that you want to buy:
You can either use the search box to find what you’re searching for or browse the categories to find what you’re looking for.

2. Make necessary changes to your order and then add to cart:

You can adjust the quantity, size, color, or any other setting in the options once you’ve chosen your products. After selecting everything that you need, click on add to cart button.

3. View your shopping cart:

Once you have finalized your products, you can view your cart. You can also add or remove the products here.

4. Edit shopping cart:

You can also add or remove the products here.

5. Update totals and  continue to the checkout:

Update your totals after selecting your country, city/town, and zip code. Then click on proceed to checkout button. It will take you to the check out page.

6. Signin or signup and complete the billing informtaion:

If you are returning customer then click on the login button and if you are a new user then click on creeate an account button. Complete the form with your billing information. Enter your name, address, phone number, and email address, as well as any order notes, now you’re almost there.

7. Add credit card information and place an order:

Fill your credit card details, aggree to terms and conditions and press place order button.

8. Write authentication code:

After filling your credit card details, aggree to terms and conditions and pressing place order button, you will recieve authentication code. 

9. Confirmation email (Invoice and trackind id):

After the order is placed you will recieve a confirmation email conatining all the order details including invoice and tracking id.

10. Manage your account:

You can manage your account where you can view all your order details, payment details change aaccount passwords, track orders and many more.

11. Track your order:

Track your order by clicking order tracking button in the footer section of website.

After clicking the button you will recieve a popup screen asking to enter order id and billing email.

This inteface will give all details about your order. For further details you can click on tracking id. It will open a new window that will provide furter informations.

12. Don’t forget to review us:

We really hope you had a wonderful experience shopping on JARASIM.
It will be wonderful if you leave a review on trustpilot.

Jarasim is a one-stop shop for all your shopping needs to make the process of buying easier and more convenient. We have everything you could need, from apparel, to computers, to food, to groceries to household products to health care and personal care items. If you’re looking for convenience at an affordable price with high quality goods then Jarasim has what you need!

With so many products to choose from, it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you. That’s why Jarasim offers an in-store experience with customer service representatives available every day of the week during business hours who are happy to help answer any questions or concerns about our inventory and make a purchase on your behalf. If you need everything from apparel, computers, food, groceries, household items and personal care products Jarasim is THE website to shop!

Have we piqued your interest?
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