Best Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix Grape (20 ct.)


Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix Grape (20 ct.)


About this item

  • Transforms water into a healthy energy drink
  • Packed with electrolytes, vitamin B12 and antioxidants
  • Zipfizz fruit punch is low carb, zero sugar and gluten-free
  • 24 nutritional ingredients
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Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix Grape (20 ct.)



Attain the energy you need to complete your most important tasks with Zipfizz® Energy Drink Mix, Grape. This large box makes sharing fast and easy.


What’s in Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Grape?

This selection features a collection of Zipfizz tubes that you can use to reenergize anywhere. This particular version has a delicious grape flavor.


Who Makes Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Grape?

This energy drink mix comes from the Zipfizz Corporation, which was founded in 2003. Since the beginning, the company has been determined to revolutionize the sports drink world with high-quality products that taste great.


What Can I Do With Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Grape?

With one tube of Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, you can transform water, juice, coffee or tea into a yummy energy drink. All you have to do is pour the contents into your desired beverage and mix it. Once the Zipfizz powder dissolves, you’ll have a flavorful sports drink that’s healthier than alternatives.


Does this Zipfizz Energy Drink Mix, Grape Offer Nutritional Benefits?

One serving of Zipfizz contains healthy ingredients that can offer a variety of different advantages. In one tube, you’ll receive critical electrolytes, vitamin B12 and antioxidants. Zipfizz is also low carb, gluten-free and contains zero sugar, which means it can fit the strictest diet.


Perfect for Traveling

Each Zipfizz tube is only 11g, which makes it small and handy enough to pack it almost anywhere. Something this little can be placed in your bag, purse and even your pocket, giving you the chance to enjoy its perks no matter where you go. If you’re feeling drowsy at work or the library, mix your Zipfizz with a beverage to heighten your energy levels. This also helps you get in the zone before an intense workout.


More than Enough in One Box

With 20 Zipfizz tubes in one box, this is ideal for gymnasiums, schools and households that value fitness. Its vast quantity also makes it an excellent choice for concession stands, convenience stores and vending machines. And, if you need to restock your inventory, a box like this can be useful.



  • 4–6 hours of enhanced energy without the sugar crash
  • High in electrolytes and antioxidants
  • 2 tubes of Zipfizz a day delivers 100% of the RDA of vitamins
  • No artificial flavors or colors
  • Sweetened with Xylitol, a natural plant-derived sugar substitute
Weight 8.65 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in