Willtec Squirt Soda Syrup Concentrate (5Gal)


Willtec Squirt Soda Syrup Concentrate (5Gal)


Why We Love This

Always have great-tasting soda on hand. Make and size the drink you want. No waste.

About this item

  • Easy to connect to Real Soda Dispensers
  • Totally Green Friendly, Syrup comes in a Plastic Bag inside a cardboard box, and both are recyclable so nothing goes to landfill
  • Great price delivered to your home
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Willtec Squirt Soda Syrup Concentrate (5Gal)


This syrup works well with soda dispensers. It is a 5 to 1 concentrate, and will make 30 gallons, or 320 (12 oz.) finished drinks.


  • 5 to 1 concentrate.
  • Makes 30 gallons (320 – twelve fluid ounce) servings.
  • Net volume: 18.93 Liters (640 fluid ounces).
Weight 42 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 10 in
component country