Why You Need Dual Monitor Setup for a Home Office

Why You Need Dual Monitor Setup for a Home Office

With the growth in numbers of people working from home, it might be right time to make some enhancements to your home office setup to boost efficiency in whatever form your home office has taken. One of the most convenient but the most productive addition would be the addition of two monitor setup. 

The increase in the number of monitors helps acts in the same way as if you bought a bigger table for your conventional office to handle more paperwork. With an extra monitor in your home office setup, you can very easily increase the efficiency of your workflow. We are going to go through several points that will prove to you why you need dual monitor setup.


Productivity and Focus Boost

During these times when we are spending most of our time indoors or more specifically in front of our computer screens, it is easier to get distracted from work. Depending on the processing and multi-tasking ability of your Desktop PC or Laptop, it would take a lot of time to switch between multiple windows. The time is multiplied if you are going back and forth between several tasks during the day. Compare this to having a dual monitor setup, all you must do is just glance through another monitor. This could not only save you a ton of time, but it will also keep you focused on your main task at hand. 



The use two monitor setup can help add a little extra that could make your experience with using your computer trifold better and fun. Before using a dual monitor setup, even copying pasting a simple line from anywhere on your computer would be a tedious task, after switching to the dual monitor setup, one of the monitors is set to handle the task at hand while the other one can be used for research and information collection. 

With the increase in online collaboration via applications such as Microsoft Teams, Skype, Zoom, Cisco WebEx etc. we find ourselves delivering knowledge sharing sessions. The dual monitor setup can come in extremely handy, simply by keeping the application open on one monitor whereas dedicating your second screen entirely to notes and data.


Benefits and Applications

We would like to clarify with reasoning and facts, how you can benefit from a two-monitor setup irrespective of your profession. Let’s go through some of the benefits and the uses of a dual monitor if you indulge in any of the tasks mentioned below:


ProgrammingIf you are a programmer or a developer, you can make the best use of dual monitor setup. As a programmer, you can enhance your error handling techniques and review your code or research a point on websites such as Stack overflow. Having an extra monitor helps you code on one screen while checking the outcome on the other, saving you a ton of energy and time. 

Video EditingAs a video editor you can keep your favorite video editing application on one monitor and the outcome on the other. This helps you immediately view the changes you make to your video. As an alternative, setting one screen to your video editing application and another one for animations and artwork could prove tremendously helpful.

StreamingWith the growing number of game streaming on platforms like YouTube and Twitch you can make a lot of use of a second monitor setup. Playing a game on one monitor and controlling your chat or the streaming application on the other could keep everything under your view. With the second monitor, you can easily keep an eye on things such as internet bandwidth, CPU usage, audio levels and more. 

Best Dual Monitor Setup

Most people stop thinking about going for a dual monitor setup because they tend to think of this as a costly upgrade. We would like to disagree with this. We have two recommended monitors that will help you get the best dual monitor setup without breaking the bank. 

The Dell E1916H is a 19” display with a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 1366 X 768 resolution. The image quality of the monitor is crisp and clear. It packs up with the most essential features for use with a dual monitor setup. With the VESA-mount capability and the tilt options you can setup the monitor in any orientation or angle you deem fit. 

The Dell E2216HV is a 22” full HD display that offers a 16:9 aspect ratio. With this monitor you get a little extra screen real estate, the 22” monitor size is the most optimal for dual monitor setup and it is this reason why this monitor gets all the fame. If you are a professional video editor or photographer than you this is just the right option for you. 

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