Wesson Pure Vegetable Oil 5 qts

Wesson Pure Vegetable Oil 5 qts

Wesson Pure Vegetable Oil 5 qts

Wesson Pure Vegetable Oil 5 qts


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Wesson Pure Vegetable Oil 5 qts


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  • 5 quarts of 100% pure vegetable oil
  • Perfect for baking, frying and salads
  • Naturally cholesterol free, preservative free with 0g of trans fat per serving
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Wesson Pure Vegetable Oil 5 qts



Wesson® Pure Vegetable Oil can be used to cook and bake countless dishes because of its versatility and light, complementary flavor. This pure vegetable oil’s neutral taste doesn’t overpower your dishes and the cholesterol-free, preservative-free and trans-fat-free recipe means that you may sauté, grill, bake and fry up foods as you desire.


What’s the Story Behind the Wesson Brand?

For over 100 years, the Tennessee-based Wesson brand has been producing high-quality cooking oils loved by professional chefs and home cooks alike. The company began selling cottonseed oil and have since produced canola oil, corn oil, soybean oil and sunflower oil as well. Boasting recipes with no unnecessary and added chemicals as well as no preservatives, Wesson cooking oils are cooking oils you can feel good about using.


How Do I Cook With Wesson Pure Vegetable Oil?

Here are some tips on cooking with vegetable oil and a few ideas:

Reach for Wesson Vegetable Oil over olive oil or coconut oil when you want a cleaner, more neutral flavour


Use vegetable oil when you’re cooking with high heat

Is a recipe asking for oil you don’t have? Pure vegetable oil can be used for most oils in cooking and baking

Use Wesson vegetable oil as a substitute for butter or margarine while baking

Sauté your favorite protein—whether it be fish, chicken or beef—in vegetable oil so that you can keep the meat’s natural flavor

Use pure vegetable oil when you are making crispy dishes, like catfish, scallops and fried foods


What’s Inside Wesson Pure Vegetable Oil

Made of 100% high-quality soybean oil, Wesson Pure Vegetable Oil is a flavorful cooking oil. It is a cholesterol-free, preservative-free and trans-fat-free vegetable oil.

Why Is Wesson Pure Vegetable Oil the Best Vegetable Oil for Cooking?

Because of its versatility and all-purpose appeal, Wesson Pure Vegetable Oil is one of the best vegetable oils for cooking and keeping on-hand in your kitchen. From frying up your own French fries or chicken wings to stir-frying vegetables and making the best brownies ever, pure vegetable oil will be your go-to cooking oil.



  • 1.25 gallon jug
  • Naturally cholesterol free
  • 0g trans fat per serving
  • No preservatives
  • 100% Natural

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