Vitafusion Power C Gummies (300 ct.)


Vitafusion Power C Gummies (300 ct.)

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  • High-potency antioxidant vitamin C, supports immune health
  • Great-tasting gummies, with a natural orange flavor
  • Vitamin C gummies, offering 240mg of vitamin C per serving
  • 1 serving offers as much vitamin C as 10 tangerines
  • 2 bottles, each with 150 vitamins

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Vitafusion Power C Gummies (300 ct.)



Give your immune system a boost, with the year-round support that it needs, with vitafusion™ Power C Gummies (300 ct.). Just two of these Power C gummies provides one serving, and offers your immune system the benefits of as much vitamin C as you’d see from 10 tangerines.


What Do These Vitamin C Gummies Taste Like?

No more pills to swallow or vitamins to crunch, these delicious gummies offer a natural orange flavor in a compact gummy form. The orange taste is tangy and refreshing. These tasty supplements will make you look forward to taking your daily vitamins.


How Much Vitamin C Is Included?

Each serving of these vitafusion Power C Gummies offers 240mg of the vitamin C that your immune system needs. The recommended daily amount of vitamin C for healthy adults between 65 to 90mg a day, with the upper limit in the 2,000 mg range.


What Is A Serving Size?

Each of the vitafusion Power C Gummies is packed all of the vitamin C that your body needs in order to maintain a healthy immune system. Just two gummies can offer a full serving of vitamin C. Don’t take more than a serving a day, as there are little to no health benefits to be had from exceeding your body’s daily vitamin C needs.


What Are The Immune System Benefits Of Vitamin C?

It’s widely accepted that getting ample vitamin C can help to give your immune system a boost. This is particularly important during the winter months when you might not be enjoying as many fresh fruits and vegetables as you would during the other seasons of the year. Our immune systems can take a hit during the winter, with colds and the flu running rampant. Adding vitafusion Power C can help to fortify your immune system.


How Else Can Power C Gummies Help?

There is another key benefit of adding vitafusion Power C Gummies to your daily routine. Studies have demonstrated that vitamin C can aid in iron absorption. If you are looking to ensure you are getting ample iron in your diet, add vitafusion vitamin C and enjoy the benefits of a happier and healthier body.



  • Supports immune health
  • Natural orange flavor
  • 240mg of vitamin C
  • 1 serving provides as much vitamin C as 10 tangerines
  • 2 bottles, 150 vitamins each
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