Victor Allen’s Single-Serve Cups French Roast (100 ct.)


Victor Allen’s Single-Serve Cups French Roast (100 ct.)


About this item

  • French roast coffee
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • 100 single-serve cups
  • Compatible with most single-serve brewing systems
  • Intense rich flavor
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Victor Allen’s Single-Serve Cups French Roast (100 ct.)



Victor Allen’s® French Roast (100 single-serve cups) gives you the ultimate in fresh flavor. Each of these single-serve cups gives you all the flavor of a custom blend of French roast coffee beans. Whether you drink it as your first cup of the day or as an afternoon pick-me-up, Victor Allen’s Coffee will deliver the dark roast coffee flavor that you are craving.

What Brewing Machines Is the Victor Allen’s French Roast Single-Serve Cups Compatible With?

These single-serve cups can be used in any single-serve brewing system including the Keurig® 2.0. You will get all the flavor you expect from a café, the Arabica beans are full-bodied with a velvety and smoky flavor. Many people consider it the best French roast coffee available!


What Does French Roast Mean?

The Victor Allen’s French Roast is one of the best dark roast coffees, but French roast and dark roast aren’t exactly the same thing. French roasted beans are very dark. The Specialty Coffee Association of America has created a tool to determine the darkness of a coffee roast. This tool is called the Agtron Gourmet Scale. The categories range from 25 to 95 with 25 being the darkest. French roast beans clock in somewhere between 28 and 35. The high temperature of the French roast brings the oils inside the bean to the surface. This gives them their customary smoky flavor.


Where Do Arabica Beans Come From?

These cups are made from French roast coffee beans that are 100% Arabica. Arabica coffee comes from the Coffea arabica plant that originated in the highlands of Ethiopia. This plant does not grow well in harsh climates. It prefers temperatures between 59 degrees and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Plus, it grows better in the shade. It takes seven years for the plants to mature, and they are typically grown about 1,900 feet above sea level. It can be grown well in Costa Rica, Mexico, Ethiopia, Brazil and Rwanda. Currently, Brazil is the largest producer of Arabica beans in the world.



  • Kosher
Weight 3.65 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in