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TYME Paddle Obsidian Hair Brush


TYME Paddle Obsidian Hair Brush


About this item

  • Paddle brush
  • Massages the scalp so it keeps its elasticity and youthful feel
  • Great for sleek, long-lasting straighter styles, and exfoliating the scalp
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TYME Paddle Obsidian Hair Brush



Brush up your hair game with the TYME Obsidian Paddle Hair Brush. An elevated version of your old paddle brush to take care of your everyday hair essentials, now in Obsidian Matte Black. The Paddle Brush is great for any hair type, especially those with thick, curly, or coarse hair. The professional-grade design and wider paddle shape help you create sleek, long-lasting straighter styles. The cushiony base with the nylon bristles exfoliates the scalp, which strengthens hair and helps hair grow faster. The non-slip grip lets you control your styling experience.



“When I created the Paddle Brush, scalp health was top of mind. Your scalp is like the soil before planting. You have to loosen the land before you can plant the seeds and see growth. The nylon bristles and cushiony design work together to massage the scalp, so it keeps its elasticity and youthful feel. The lightweight design makes it easy to work with and hold. With heat-resistant materials, you can blow-dry and straighten your hair without worrying about the bristles. I created all of the brushes we offer at one time to ensure every hair need is met. The Most Versatile Brush to Get Any Style Started.”


How to Use

Go bottom to top:

For detangling your hair, start at the bottom of your hair strand and work your way up. 


Get the perfect blowout:

For smoothing, use the flat surface area of the brush to give you a sleek, long-lasting blowout. 


Use while straightening:

Place the brush ahead of your TYME Iron to use as a guide while straightening. 


Refresh your hair:

Skip your hair wash for a day (or three) by stimulating your scalp and refreshing your hair with the brush.



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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 8.5 × 12 in