Totes Ladies Clog

Totes Ladies Clog



Totes Ladies Clog



  • Innovative Everywear® Tech: Lightweight, durable, waterproof
  • Easy Maintenance: Machine washable for convenience
  • No closure necessary, just slip them on and go




Totes Ladies Clog


Introducing the Totes Everywear® Bailey Clog, the epitome of innovative footwear. These clogs are not just shoes; they’re a testament to our commitment to durability and heritage. The Bailey Molded Clog, featuring Everywear® technology, offers unparalleled comfort and durability for various settings, from work to outdoor activities. These clogs are soft, buoyant, and tough, ideal for daily wear. They’re ultra-durable, machine washable, and waterproof, making them versatile for gardening or running errands.


The textured footbed and indoor/outdoor sole cater to your dynamic lifestyle, allowing you to effortlessly transition from a casual walk to an adventurous outing. These versatile clogs are perfect for gardening, casual outings, or simply lounging at home. Their machine washable feature adds a layer of convenience, keeping them looking fresh and new. Choose the Totes Everywear® Women’s Bailey Clog for its blend of style, innovation, and practicality. Embrace the freedom of movement and expression, all while enjoying unparalleled comfort.


Born from a legacy dating back to 1924, these shoes represent decades of expertise in creating products that withstand everyday life. Our innovative Everywear® technology sets these clogs apart. They are remarkably lightweight, waterproof, and scuff-resistant. The Everywear sole never bottoms out, ensuring lasting comfort and support. Plus, they’re uniquely designed to float on water!


What are the design features of these clogs?

Made with totes® innovative Everywear® technology, the Bailey clog never bottoms out like other foam soles. They feel just as amazing at wear 1 as wear 1000. Plus, they are super flexible, blister proof, scuff resistant, and waterproof.


Are these machine washable?

Yes! These super comfy and durable clogs are incredibly easy to maintain. Just toss them in the washing machine and they will be looking like new!  


Are these waterproof?

Our innovative Everywear® is waterproof and perfect for all activities from gardening to jumping in puddles!  


Can I wear these outside?

Yes! These super versatile and durable clogs are your go-to from gardening to grocery.



  • Perfect for gardening, dining out, casual wear
  • Textured footbed, long-lasting support
  • Scuff-Resistant Material: Keeps shoes looking new
  • Everywear®: Comfort like day one on every wear, never bottoms out