Terra Original Chips, 15 oz.

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Terra Original Chips, 15 oz.



Terra Original Chips, 15 oz.


About this item:

  • Veggie chips made with real vegetables
  • Blend of yuca sweet potato, parsnip, taro and batata (Cuban sweet potato) chips
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • No cholesterol or trans fat
  • Non-GMO Project Verified




Terra Original Chips, 15 oz.



Discover something deliciously different with Terra® Original Chips (15 oz.). These crispy, zesty chips are made with a blend of seasonable vegetables, including yuca sweet potato, Cuban sweet potato (batata), parsnip and taro, for a gourmet twist on potato chips. Terra veggie chips are colorful and irresistible, with a fantastic crunch, unique tastes and textures for a truly sophisticated snacking experience. Sliced paper-thin, they’re fried to crispy perfection in vegetable oil and lightly dusted with sea salt


The Terra Difference

Terra real vegetable chips, original variety, were created by two chefs in 1990 in New York City. The creators left their jobs at four-star restaurants to develop snack chips that were healthier and more elegant than traditional snack foods. Harnessing their expertise and access to high-quality, gourmet produce, the chefs developed chips using hand-selected root vegetables, cooked in small batches and packed in silver and black bags for an elegant touch.


Terra Original chips quickly became a staple at restaurants throughout the city, and ultimately throughout the country. The Terra family grew to include dozens of different varieties, including Terra Exotic Potato Chips, Terra Blue Potato Chips, sweet potato chips and plantain chips. They’re still made the same way, using hand-selected Non-GMO Project Verified produce, cooked in small batches and packed in Terra’s signature black bags.


Are Terra Chips Healthy?

Terra Original chips and all of their other flavors feature real vegetables as their first ingredient. They’re gluten-free, vegan and contain no cholesterol or trans fat. The root vegetables Terra uses in their veggie chips are higher in fiber, vitamins and essential nutrients than the white potatoes used to make most potato chips. They’re also lower in fat and calories than most potato chips, as well as substantially more colorful. Taro features distinctive patterns; ruby-dipped vegetables, featuring vibrant red hues from natural beet juice, allow for beautiful presentations, with flavors that simply can’t be replicated.


Terra produce is also sustainably sourced, safeguarding heirloom varieties for future generations; even Terra’s bags are recyclable through the TerraCycle network.



Each bag of Terra Original chips contains 15 oz.