Starbucks Iced Coffee Recipe – Craft Your Favorite Beverage at Home

Starbucks Iced Coffee Recipe – Craft Your Favorite Beverage at Home

Starbucks Iced Coffee Recipe - Craft Your Favorite Beverage at Home

The beginning of summer marks the need to trade your hot cappuccinos and macchiato for an instant iced coffee. When the sun gets its hat on, and the weather outside gets warm, that’s the perfect time for you to experiment with your usual morning coffee. Although it might be easier to just “grab-and-go” from a coffee shop and not have to spend time on breakfast, especially when you’re running late.

Most of you coffee drinkers would surely prefer Starbucks over any other coffee. Starbucks being one of the largest coffeehouse chain around the globe, has plenty of options available for its customers. Ever since they introduced their Iced Coffee, they’ve managed to innovate and bring new additions to their coffee line. But all this popularity comes with a hefty price tag!

As much as loyal customers may love their coffee, it wouldn’t be reasonable for them to afford it every day. For this reason, we suggest making one at your home. Apart from being super affordable, the best thing about treating yourself with a homemade cup of iced coffee is that you can customize it to your liking.

There are plenty of Starbucks recipes that claim to be the best, but they usually lack the essence of the real Starbucks coffee. Our take on the Starbucks iced coffee recipe includes simple steps and gives you the same flavor and taste as your favorite drink from Starbucks itself.

Step One

The first thing to do is to set out all the ingredients you will need. Before you start, choose your coffee, the main ingredient, as there are multiple options available. Using the coffee beans from Starbucks like Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee Espresso Roast Dark is important because that is where the true taste will come from.

These are some of the flavors we recommend trying:

Starbucks Pike Place Medium Roast Ground Coffee

Starbucks Caffe Verona Ground Coffee, Dark Roast

Starbucks Dark French Roast Ground Coffee

Starbucks Blonde Roast Ground Coffee, Veranda Blend

These become more pronounced as the coffee is iced.

Step Two

The next thing to do is to brew your coffee. The best equipment to use is a coffee press because it makes the process more effective. Keep in mind to rinse off all the coffee oils and paper filters using hot water. Preheat your equipment so that when you continue to add hot water, it doesn’t immediately cool down rather is of a different temperature.

Step Three

You first need to grind the whole beans to brew your coffee, and the fresher the grind is, the fresher will be the taste of your coffee. But it’s essential to note that ground coffee goes stale really quickly, so you should only grind as much as you need for your brew. The grinding size also makes a huge difference in the flavor, and you can end up with a taste that is either too bitter or too sour. We suggest grinding the coffee coarsely for the press such that it looks like kosher salt.

When you’re done with grinding, it’s time to get brewing. You need to make sure your coffee isn’t watered down when you add ice. To achieve this, the secret is to brew it on double-strength as Starbucks does. The right way is to use as much coffee as you would water.

If you’re not looking to do all of this work, you can simply use two shots of Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso.

starbuck doubleshot espresso

Step Four

The final step is to add and mix the remaining ingredients. Grab a tall glass and fill it with ice, pour in the freshly brewed espresso. Further, add milk to it.

Additional Step

This step is optional, but by adding it, you can change your plain iced latte into one that has vanilla cream and caramel in it. Mix half a cup of heavy whipping cream, one teaspoon granulated sugar, and one teaspoon vanilla essence, and beat this with a whisk until it thickens.

Add one tablespoon of caramel sauce to your glass and top it off with the vanilla cream instead of milk.


Step five

Give it a final stir, serve with a straw or as is and drink straight from the glass. Enjoy!

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