Starbucks House Blend Whole Bean Coffee (40 oz.)

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Starbucks House Blend Whole Bean Coffee (40 oz.)



Starbucks House Blend Whole Bean Coffee (40 oz.)


About this item:

  • Medium roast coffee blend for a balanced flavor
  • Starbucks house blend uses 100% Arabica coffee
  • Offers a taste that is rich and smooth each cup
  • Flavor notes include cocoa and nuts with a touch of sweetness




Starbucks House Blend Whole Bean Coffee (40 oz.)



Starbucks® House Blend Whole Bean Coffee (40 oz.) may seem like a simple coffee, but it has sophisticated layers of flavor that may just surprise you. When tasting this coffee, you may notice hints of cocoa and nuts, with a bit of sweetness from the roasting process. The beans that are used originate in Latin America and are roasted to a dark chestnut color. Located just between a dark and a blonde roast, this is a coffee that nearly anyone can enjoy.


When Was Starbucks House Blend Coffee First Released?

The very first variety of Starbucks coffee beans was none other than the House Blend. It first made its way into the world in 1971 and has captivated coffee drinkers ever since. The way the coffee was blended and roasted so many years ago still has an impact on Starbucks whole bean coffee today.


Starbucks Has Roots

Starbucks is the best-known and most popular coffee company around the globe. Starbucks House Blend Whole Bean Coffee is also the longest running blend from Starbucks as a whole. Many people who want a simple cup of coffee at a Starbucks location will choose this blend, but now it can be a part of your life no matter where you happen to be. Brew up a pot-full for yourself in the morning, or fill a carafe for after dinner at gatherings in your home.


What is Different About Starbucks House Blend?

Starbucks House Blend whole bean coffee is a balanced option for a great cup of coffee. It’s available not only in a whole bean format but also several others as well. There are Starbucks house blend K-Cups, ground coffee and Verismo® pods to meet the needs of all sorts of coffee lovers. Due to the longevity of Starbucks House Blend Whole Bean Coffee, it’s clear that it has staying power and is a fantastic option for home parties or stocking the cabinets at work.