Sprite Mini Cans (7.5oz / 30pk)


Sprite Mini Cans (7.5oz / 30pk)

About this item

  • Fresh Sprite has a crisp, clean taste
  • Thirst quenching
  • 100% natural lemon-lime flavors
  • Mini Sprites in a sip-sized can
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Sprite Mini Cans (7.5oz / 30pk)

These Sprite Minis are the ideal complement to a variety of settings. Open up a case and share them with your friends and family for a refreshing break everyone will enjoy.


When’s the Best Time of Day to Enjoy a Sprite Mini?
These mini Sprite cans are great for any time of the day. Crack one open with your lunch, or share them around the table with dinner. Have them available and chilled in the refrigerator for your kids when they get home from school. Pair the Sprite drink with a plate of cookies or a bowl of apples for a treat your children and their friends will love digging into. Sprite doesn’t contain any caffeine, so you can even enjoy a can of it before bed with a small snack to keep you satisfied and sleeping soundly all night long.

Are the Sprite Minis Good for Parties and On the Go?

These small cans of soda are perfect for family get-togethers, backyard barbecues, summertime pool parties, children’s birthdays and so much more. Fill a colorful bucket with ice and several of the mini cans for a decoration on the snack table that’s as fun as it is refreshing. 

The small size is just right for sipping, so guests can enjoy a bit any time they’re thirsty. The Sprite Mini Cans are also just right for taking with you when you’re on the go. Keep a few in a cooler or in a backpack or picnic basket so you always have access to the tasty beverage, no matter where your day takes you.

Delicious Flavor
The crisp, clean flavor of fresh Sprite is something you and your friends and family can enjoy. The thirst-quenching beverage features natural, lemon-lime flavors and is a favorite for kids and adults alike.


  • 30 mini cans – 7.5 fluid ounces each
  • No caffeine
  • Net volume: 6.65 Liters (225 fluid ounces)
Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 12 in
component country