Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection Baby Diaper


Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection Baby Diaper (Choose Your Size)


About this item

  • SVG Diapers Breathable Layer helps release humidity pulls moisture away 
  • SVG Free and Clear, 0% Lotions, no Chlorine Bleaching, are fragrance free 
  • Diaper core is not bleached or processed with chemicals containing chlorine
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Seventh Generation Sensitive Protection Baby Diaper



Give your future Planet Lover, Ocean Steward, Peace Advocate or Change-Maker a clean, fresh start with Seventh Generation Diapers.

The absorbent core provides the long-lasting, 12-hour protection your busy baby needs, while our FreshAIR Breathable Layer helps release humidity. And that’s not all. Free and Clear Diapers are gentle on your baby’s sensitive skin with 0% fragrances, lotions, or chlorine bleaching, and use only FSC Certified, sustainably sourced wood pulp that’s gentle on our planet’s forests, helping ensure your baby grows up on a healthy planet.

Wrapped in Seventh Generation’s most absorbent, most sustainable diaper ever—the future looks good on your baby. Seventh Generation believes that children born today and seven generations from now deserve to live on a healthier, more equitable planet. Though they’re only in diapers now, today’s children are the future planet lovers, peace advocates, change-makers, ocean stewards, humanitarians, global citizens, and wildlife protectors of tomorrow. Giving them a clean start makes it easy to feel hopeful for the future. That’s why Sensitive Protection diapers use only FSC Certified, sustainably sourced wood fluff pulp, and no chlorine bleaching, to help protect this future. The responsibility doesn’t end with sustainable sourcing.

While today’s diapers are disposable, Seventh Generation is on a mission to find a zero-waste solution. And beyond developing products, Seventh Generation advocates for real change on climate justice and other issues that are important for the health of future generations. Thank you for joining us in caring today for the next seven generations.



Disposing of soiled diapers:
Before you throw away a used diaper, empty the contents into the toilet, wrap the diaper tightly, and throw into the garbage. Do not flush the diaper.

Diaper safety information:
Please keep this packaging away from children and babies. This package, or a torn piece of diaper, could cause a choking or suffocation hazard for your child. Like any piece of clothing, diapers are flammable.

Totally chlorine-free processed wood fluff pulp (absorbent core)
Sodium polyacrylate (absorbent core)
Polypropylene (core wrap, cuff, inner liner, fastening system, outer layer)
Polyethylene (breathable moisture barrier, outer layer)
Polyolefins (Acquisition layer)
Polyurethane (Waist elastic)
Adhesives (seams, joints)
Polymer Spandex (fastening system, leg elastic)
Inks (external printed designs)

Weight 6.92 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 in
Diaper Size and Count

3 – 72 ct. (16 – 21 lbs.), 4 – 64 ct. (20 – 32 lbs.), 5 – 52 ct. (27 – 35 lbs.), 6 – 46 ct. (35+ lbs.)