Personal Protective Equipment List & Best Practices – Top 10 – Jarasim

Personal Protective Equipment List & Best Practices – Top 10 – Jarasim

Personal Protective Equipment – Best Practices

Hazards can exist in several forms and areas; these may be caused by a number of situations and usually there isn’t a straightforward solution to solving these hazards. Controlling a hazard at the source is usually the best workaround for the controlling procedures, however, this might not be possible during situation like natural hazard, such as the Covid-19. 

In order to avoid catastrophic outcomes of hazards, whenever there is no immediate fix for a hazard, or during a hazard such as a pandemic where the health works are prone to getting the disease as part of their daily jobs, the OSHA or Occupational Safety and Health Administration recommends Personal Protective Equipment or what is commonly known as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The PPE kits, in relevance to the hazard is worn to provide protection to you. For instance, a PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit may include gloves, respirators, masks, eye protection, protective hearing devices and full body suits.

(PPE) Personal Protective Equipment List

Protection protection equipment for the human body comes in several shapes and forms so does the Personal protection equipment. We are going to list them down for better categorization.

Protection for Eyes

Eyes are the most fragile and sensitive part of the human body and in most cases damage to the eye is not treatable. Reports indicate that every day over 600 people worldwide sustain eye injuries during work. Wearing a good pair of safety glasses, could help prevent several injuries.

If you tend to come into contact with bright lights, infrared light or UV lights from monitor screens etc., then welding goggles or a shield could prove more fruitful. For protection against computer screens, you can use blue light glasses that can help filter out the hazardous rays.

Safety for the Head

This is one of the most common safety equipment, wearing a helmet can help provide safety at a construction site or even during bike rides. These come in a variety of designs and colors so that you are never conscious about the looks.

Hearing Protection

Depending on the kind of work you are indulged in, heading earplugs or headphones can provide the necessary protection.

Respiration Protection

Ever since the inception of Covid-19 we have several options when it comes to masks, you can use the basic mask that helps against air particles or pick one of the KN-95 masks that would provide protection from dust particles as well. A full-face mask is usually the better choice if there is a chance of inhaling fumes from toxic materials.

Protection for Hands

Gloves are yet another protective equipment that be help provide protection against sharp materials, extreme cold or heat, vibrations, bacteriological risks and toxic chemicals.

Protection for the Feet

Protection for the feet can come with safety shoes and hard boots for protection against heavy weights or sharp materials. The anti-skid sole can be useful while working in damp environments. Show Claws can be used for working in the snow or ice.

Correct Work Clothing

Clothing is extremely important with reference to the kind of work you are involved in. High-visibility jackets and pants or reflective clothing can help with visibility is low-light conditions. Since the Covid-19 particles can stick to clothing, the PPE kit designed for health workers consists of an over coat that can help keep the worker safe from any harm while dealing with infected patients.

Best Practices for the Use of PPE 

PPE kits are not for normal day conditions and therefore, if you are using a PPE kit you must be trained enough to choose the equipment you are supposed to wear, know when it is required, how to put on, take off, adjust and wear the PPE kit, useful life, proper disposal and limitations of the PPE.

For instance, for a doctor or a nurse, using the PPE kit properly during the treatment of a patient is highly crucial or not only the doctor but all the patients that are not suffering from the disease could also end up getting affected by it. Proper disposal of the suit on the other hand can aid towards affecting people outside of the hospital. Therefore, a proper routine needs to be devised based on the conditions and these instructions should be strictly ensured.

Procuring the PPE Kits

During testing times such as the Covid-19 there is an ever increasing demand of these PPE kits, Jarasim, helps provide the best quality equipment at discounted prices for the purpose of protection. For further assistance please send us an email at

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