Peak Windshield Wash and Deicer – 1 gal. bottles – 6 pk.

Peak Windshield Wash and Deicer – 1 gal. bottles – 6 pk.



Peak Windshield Wash and Deicer – 1 gal. bottles – 6 pk.


About this item:

  • Keeps windshields clean and removes frost and light ice in temperatures down to -20°F
  • Ready to use; no mixing required
  • Great way to stay stocked up on windshield washer fluid
  • Economically packaged
  • Provides year-round cleaning




Peak Windshield Wash and Deicer – 1 gal. bottles – 6 pk.



When winter is in full swing and you’re greeted each morning by a thick crust of ice on your windshield, Peak® Windshield Wash and Deicer, 1-gallon, 6 pack, will save you the trouble of scraping off the windshield. This windshield washer fluid will deice your vehicle’s windshield down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit and you don’t want to be outside scraping a window at that temperature.


Is Peak Windshield Wash and Deicer Ready to Use as Packaged?

Yes, there is no mixing or dilution necessary; simply pour the cleaner directly into the windshield washer reservoir under the hood of your car. The handy six-pack will keep you going all winter long; it’s like having a garage in a bottle; just get in your car, spray a bit of Peak windshield washer fluid on your icy windshield, turn on the wipers and watch the ice disappear.


Is Peak Windshield Wash and Deicer Suitable for Summer Use?

Peak windshield washer fluid is suitable for all-season use. Why buy one cleaner for winter and one for summer when you can simply buy Peak windshield wash and deicer for the entire year? Peak windshield wash is sourced and assembled right here in the United States of America; use it with pride and support American jobs. The convenient six-pack of bottles is enough to keep your entire family stocked up on windshield fluid.


Quality Counts When You Need It the Most

Winter is a messy time of year and keeping your windshield clean with all of the salt and gravel on the roads and highways requires a lot of windshield washer fluid. Running out of Peak washer fluid and driving with a dirty windshield can be dangerous. Windshields can become so dirty without proper cleaning that winter driving becomes nearly impossible. Enjoy the convenience of Peak Windshield Wash and Deicer; the alternative may be stopping beside the road to wash your windshield with snow. Don’t be that guy; stock up and stay safe.



  • Cleans windshields in temperatures down to -20°F
  • Removes frost and light ice
  • No mixing required