Organic Plantain Chips, Himalayan Pink Salt, Party Size (12 oz.)


Organic Plantain Chips, Himalayan Pink Salt, Party Size (12 oz.)



  • Organic plantain chips covered in Himalayn pink salt
  • Crunchy and salty treat
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Organic Plantain Chips, Himalayan Pink Salt, Party Size (12 oz.)



See the world through pink-colored chips. Take your mouth for a flavor hike with plantains covered in pink salt from ancient ocean deposits inside the Himalayan mountains. With 84 trace minerals and complex deliciousness, they’ll have ordinary chips feeling salty with envy. 


Barnana Organic Kettle Cooked Plantain Chips with Pink Himalayan Salt have all the crunchy, salty satisfying snack ability you love about chips, with none of the downsides. What is it about Plantain Chips? Don’t ask questions, just eat them. One bite and you’ll see they’re everything you love about regular chips but better, crunchier and tastier.


Barnana is sustainably sourced. Determined to change that wasteful cycle, a banana-saving, planet-friendly new business was born! Barnana has from the beginning sourced their bananas (and now the plantains) from small organic farms in the Amazon. They’ve provided remote, family-owned farms with a reliable market for their precious produce. 


That’s good for them, good for us, good for you—and good for the planet! Barnana is committed to sourcing organic bananas and plantains from the many smaller, more remote, and often Indigenous farms in Latin America struggling to get their products to market. Their farming partners will have a reliable, predictable source of income so they could improve their lives now and make plans for the future.



  • Non GMO
  • B Certified
  • USDA Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Paleo
  • No sugar
  • Net weight: 12 oz.
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