Nordic Ware 10-Piece Microwavable Bowl Set

Nordic Ware 10-Piece Microwavable Bowl Set



Nordic Ware 10-Piece Microwavable Bowl Set


Why We Love This

These versatile bowls will become your go-to for prep and storage in the kitchen. They’re lightweight, sturdy and microwave-safe.


About this item

  • Microwave-ready bowl set
  • Ergonomic grips on lids for easy handling
  • Slip-free bases for fewer messes
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Nordic Ware 10-Piece Microwavable Bowl Set



If you spend time cooking or baking, you’re going to love this set of Nordic Ware Microwave Bowls. The set is perfect for mixing ingredients while cooking or baking. And, the bowls are great for storing leftovers in the refrigerator and heating them up in the microwave.


The set is so versatile. You can simply prepare the food and then take it to the table for serving. There are a variety of sizes in the set. This set includes three mixing bowls with lids and four one-cup prep bowls—all of which are microwave safe. There’s one 2 qt. mixing bowl with lid, one 3.5 qt mixing bowl with lid, one 5 qt. mixing bowl with lid and four 1-cup prep bowls. The bowls with lids are great for bringing dishes to BBQs or potluck dinners. All of the bowls and lids nest neatly together for compact, space-saving storage.


The ergonomic grips on the lids of the bowls make them easy to handle, and the slip-free bases make it easy to use them on nearly any surface in your kitchen, even if you have a slippery countertop. 


What are the bowls made of?

These bowls are made of plastic that’s free of BPA and free of melamine.


Are these bowls recommended for baking?

Yes. If you use these bowls for baking, we recommend mixing by hand. They are not made for use with electric mixers.



  • Set includes:
  • One 2 qt. mixing bowl with lid
  • One 3.5 qt mixing bowl with lid
  • One 5 qt. mixing bowl with lid
  • Four 1-cup prep bowls
  • Ergonomic grips on lids
  • Slip-free bowl bases
  • BPA-free and melamine-free plastic
  • Made in the USA
  • Includes 5-year warranty