Nestle Crunch Candy Bar (1.55oz., 36 ct.)


Nestle Crunch Candy Bar (1.55oz., 36 ct.)


About this item

  • Made with milk chocolate and crisped rice
  • Individually wrapped for resale
  • Great choice for stores, concession stands and vending machines
  • Offers an easy way to hand out treats
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Nestle Crunch Candy Bar (1.55oz., 36 ct.)



Soothe your sweet tooth with this Nestle Crunch Candy Bar. With 36 bars in one pack, this can be used to please many.


What’s a Nestle Crunch Candy Bar?

This pack consists of a collection of candy bars that you can use to alleviate your cravings. Made with creamy milk chocolate and crisped rice, each Crunch candy bar offers a deliciously satisfying flavor with every bite.


Who Makes the Nestle Crunch Candy Bar?

Each Crunch candy bar comes from Nestle, which is a Swiss transnational food company that sells well-known products all around the world. As a company, Nestle is committed to enhancing life through high-quality food.


What Can I Do with a Crunch Candy Bar?

You can enjoy your Crunch candy bar plain, but you can also use it to create exciting recipes. For instance, if you’re feeling brave, you can slice one bar into small pieces and use those pieces as a topping for your ice cream, cake, muffins and other desserts. You can also use pieces of Crunch when you’re making pancakes and brownies, giving them a sweet, chocolatey taste. Many people have enjoyed placing vanilla ice cream between two Crunch candy bars, creating a new kind of ice cream sandwich.


A Travel-Friendly Snack

Each Crunch candy bar is wrapped in plastic, which makes them comfortable to carry during the day. Thanks to its slim, compact construction, you can place it in your bag, purse and even your back pocket—keeping the chocolate candy by your side at all times. Once you’re feeling a little bit hungry, simply peel open the packaging and devour the tasty chocolate.


Easy to Distribute

With 36 candy bars in one box, this is ideal for convenience stores, concession stands and vending machines. Additionally, a box like this is perfect for distributing treats at school, work, or home. Since there are so many pieces in one box, this can help ensure that everyone gets at least one.


Safe to Store

Housed in a hard cardboard box, this Crunch candy bar pack can be safely stacked amongst other merchandise. Since you can stack it on top of other boxes to open up more space in your pantry or storage room.



  • 36 bars – 1.55 ounces each
  • Kosher Dairy
Weight 4.05 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in