Nerds Gummy Clusters Family Size (32 oz.)


Nerds Gummy Clusters Family Size (32 oz.)



  • Tangy and crunchy outside
  • Sweet and gummy inside
  • Delicious assortment of fruity flavors
  • Wide variety of vibrant colors

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Nerds Gummy Clusters Family Size (32 oz.)



Rainbow NERDS surround fruity, gummy centers. Those sweet little sparks are fantastic inventors. A poppable cluster, packed with tangy, crunchy NERDS. A candy so tasty, there aren’t even words. NERDS are sweet little sparks and ideas, inspirations and dreams. Each has a problem-solving strength, but they always work together to help the pack.


Nerds are better together solving problems, each brining their own unique strength. The most perfect combination that you’ve never tried. NERDS provide a delicious assortment of fruity flavors in a wide variety of vibrant colors. Enjoy some sweet satisfaction with NERDS—the tiny, tangy crunchy candy that is as unique as you are!

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in
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