Nature’s Earthly Choice Quinoa (64 oz.)

Nature’s Earthly Choice Quinoa (64 oz.)



Nature’s Earthly Choice Quinoa (64 oz.)


About this item:

  • Gluten-free 100% organic quinoa seed
  • Vegetarian and vegan
  • High in protein and fiber
  • Versatile rice substitute
  • Pre-washed
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Nature’s Earthly Choice Quinoa (64 oz.)



Nature’s Earthly Choice™ Quinoa is an extremely versatile and easy-to-prepare seed with a slightly nutty flavor. It makes a great side dish when mixed with vegetables and seasonings.


Do You Need To Rinse Or Wash The Quinoa Before Cooking?

Nature’s Earthly Choice Quinoa comes pre-washed. This removes the bitter coating that naturally covers the quinoa seed. However, because quinoa is an agricultural product it is not always possible to remove all foreign material, even with the use of modern cleaning equipment and procedures. Therefore, we suggest that you rinse and sort your quinoa before cooking.


Can You Use Quinoa Instead Of Rice?

Rice can be replaced by Nature’s Earthly Choice Quinoa in almost any recipe. Quinoa is a complete protein, high in fiber and other vitamins and minerals. Quinoa is also a terrific substitute for couscous or pasta and is less acidic than wheat.


Is Earthly Choice Quinoa Organic? Does It Contain Anything Artificial?

Quinoa is vegan and vegetarian-friendly, 100% organic seed. It’s non-GMO, gluten-free and alcohol-free, and contains no preservatives, no MSG, no trans fats and no artificial flavorings or coloring.


What Else Can You Make With Quinoa?

Quinoa makes a delicious and healthy breakfast cereal when mixed with a little maple syrup or brown sugar, some fresh fruit and nuts. Or for a gluten-free boost of protein and fiber add quinoa to your favorite soup or salad.


How Many Servings Will A 64-oz. Bag Of Quinoa Make?

The recommended serving size is 1/4 cup of dry organic quinoa, and there are 42 such servings in a 64-oz. bag.



  • USDA Organic
  • Gluten free
  • Wheat free