Morton Iodized Salt (4 oz., 12 ct.)


Morton Iodized Salt (4 oz., 12 ct.)


About this item

12 4-ounce shakers, perfect for a restaurant or busy kitchen

Iodized salt provides necessary nutrients not easily found in an average diet

White canisters are classy, easy to clean and label-free

Dust seal protects the salt when not used

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Morton Iodized Salt (4 oz., 12 ct.)



Morton® Iodized Salt will complete your café or restaurant table setting. These individual, all-purpose, iodized salt shakers are one thing that everyone will use every day. Morton Salt uses the best salt crystals to ensure every dish tastes as good as you plan. Pair with the complementary Morton Pepper Shakers to complete your table setting. These restaurant bulk packs of all-purpose salt shakers bring the quality taste you trust to whatever kitchen you cook in. Morton Salt keeps quality at the center of its business and ensures the best salt crystals are packaged in each shaker.

Morton Iodized Salt Shakers come as convenient white canisters. Each canister comes with an easy to remove the dust seal and is label-free. The simple white design will blend in with any table or kitchen while also making clear that inside is the beloved salt. These shakers are easily wiped clean at the end of the day.

Morton Iodized Salt can be added to nearly every single recipe to enhance flavor. Sprinkle over your morning eggs or add a dash over your avocado toast in the morning. Add a small pinch over your sliced tomato salad at lunch. For dinner, generously use over baked chicken or fish.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 4.9 × 3.4 × 6.7 in