Monster Energy Ultra Variety Pack (16oz / 24pk)

Monster Energy Ultra Variety Pack (16oz / 24pk)



Monster Energy Ultra Variety Pack (16oz / 24pk)


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  • Crisp and refreshing
  • Less sweet yet full flavor
  • Keeps mind and body energized for longer
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Monster Energy Ultra Variety Pack (16oz / 24pk)



The Monster Energy Drink, Ultra Variety Pack keeps your mind and body energized with its delicious, calorie-free beverages. Each pack contains three tasty flavors and is perfect when people need the caffeine and vitamins to go the distance, mentally and physically.


What Is Included in This Monster Drink Pack?

This variety pack contains twenty-four 16-ounce cans of Monster Zero Ultra cans, including eight Monster Ultra Blue flavor, eight Monster Ultra Red flavor and eight Monster Zero Ultra, some of Monster’s most popular berry and citrus flavors. Each refreshing drink has zero calories, zero fat and zero sugar. They’re made with a special blend of carbonated water, natural and artificial flavors, caffeine and vitamins.


Are These Monster Energy Drinks Tasty?

Yes. Each can boasts a fresh berry or citrus flavor and is blended with sparkling water for the ultimate in refreshment. This Monster 24 pack is ideal for those who find typical energy drinks too sweet, as these zero-sugar alternatives contain erythritol, a natural sweetener. In addition to its invigorating taste, these energy drinks are infused with vitamins and antioxidants, including ginseng, taurine, vitamins B3, B5 and B12 and l-carnitine in addition to caffeine.


Who Loves This Monster 24 Pack?

Anyone who loves refreshing beverages that keep them energized and focused. Monster Zero Ultra drinks are popular with those who do not like the taste of coffee or prefer to keep coffee for mornings and energy drinks for the afternoon. This variety pack offers drinkers a crisp and refreshing beverage that is less sweet than other energy drinks and is formulated with caffeine, vitamins and minerals to naturally stimulate the body’s energy resources. Because these drinks are free from calories, sugar and fat, they’re a popular choice for those who want tasty caffeinated beverages but are watching their weight.

For those who work countless hours or are fitness buffs, energy drinks keep their mind and body ready for the tasks at hand. This Monster 24-pack has made its way into homes, convenience stores and vending machines across the nation.

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  • 24 cans – 16 fluid ounces each
  • No sugar
  • No calories
  • Variety pack includes:
  • Ultra Red
  • Zero Ultra
  • Ultra Blue
  • Net volume: 11.36 liters (384 fluid ounces)