Monster Energy Mango Loco (16oz / 24pk)

Monster Energy Mango Loco (16oz / 24pk)



Monster Energy Mango Loco (16oz / 24pk)


About this item

  • Monster Energy’s Mango Loco is the perfect mix of full flavor and energy
  • Full-flavored juice combined with the functionality of the Monster Energy blend
  • Lightly carbonated with refreshingly smooth mango flavor
  • Buying in bulk saves 30% over buying a single can at your local store
  • Great taste combined with great value
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Monster Energy Mango Loco (16oz / 24pk)



On the eve of October 31st each year, friends and family gather to celebrate “Dia de Los Muertos.” Marigolds, mysticism and memories combined with food and drink entice the sounds of the departed to join the party. Mango Loco is a heavenly blend of exotic juices certain to attract even the most stubborn spirit. Crazy good taste with just enough of that Monster magic to keep the party going for days. Unleash the beast!


Indulge in the exhilarating taste of Monster Energy Mango Loco, now available in a convenient 24-pack of 16 oz cans. Embrace the bold fusion of tropical flavors, blending juicy mango with hints of tangy citrus and a refreshing burst of tropical goodness. Each sip delivers a revitalizing energy boost, perfect for fueling your active lifestyle or tackling your daily challenges with a burst of zest.


Unleash the untamed energy of Monster Mango Loco, crafted with high-quality ingredients to provide you with a vibrant and invigorating experience. Whether you’re hitting the gym, embarking on outdoor adventures, or simply need an extra pick-me-up during your busy day, Monster Mango Loco is your go-to companion for thrilling energy and tantalizing flavor.


Fuel your passion with Monster Energy Mango Loco and experience the electrifying taste of the tropics in every sip. With its bold flavor profile and energizing formula, this 24-pack ensures you’re always stocked up and ready to seize the day with a delicious burst of mango-infused energy.



  • 24 cans – 16 fluid ounces each
  • 16% real fruit
  • 152 mg of caffeine per can
  • Net weight: 11.36 liters (384 fluid ounces)