Monster Energy Java Variety Pack (15oz / 12pk)


Monster Energy Java Variety Pack (15oz / 12pk)


Finding the right coffee can be confusing with so many options. Monster Java makes it simple by bringing you something already tasty and full of energy!


About this item

  • Java Monster coffee-flavored energy drink
  • Energy drink to help you stay ahead and perform better
  • 2 great coffee flavors with Monster’s energy-boosting formula
  • 188 mg of caffeine per can plus B vitamins
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Monster Energy Java Variety Pack (15oz / 12pk)



Stay energized with the Monster Java Variety Pack. It offers a cool and creamy alternative to the typical coffee dribbled out by a noisy machine. Each pack contains two Monster Java flavors to keep things interesting.


Who Makes Java Monster Drinks?

These tasty drinks are produced by Monster, one of the leading energy drink brands in the world. Monster strives to craft chilled energy drinks that are delicious, convenient and of course, made with caffeine to energize the body and mind. Monster coffees are made to be enjoyed chilled, making them great for those who prefer cold coffee year-round or just as a refreshing summertime treat. They’re a staple in homes, offices and convenience stores across the country.


What’s in the Monster Java Variety Pack

Each pack contains 12 cans of Monster Java flavors—six Mean Bean® and six Loca Moca®. Monster coffee energy drink cans are easily portable as well as perfectly sized for satisfying the need for coffee and energy. While Mean Bean offers classic chilled coffee and cream flavors, Loca Moca is spiked with a dose of real chocolate, a favorite for those who love their local coffee house’s iced mocha. They’re both made with brewed coffee, cream and sugar, as well as an array of added vitamins and minerals to leave drinkers feeling energized and up for any challenge.


Instant Refreshing Drink

Switch off the coffee machine. Keep a pack of Java Monsters in the fridge, grab a can and go. They’re also excellent for restocking vending machines and convenience stores. Since they are also made with real cream, there is no need to buy coffee-specific milk or cream again. The Loca Moca Monster Java flavor also offers a rich chocolate taste, making it superb for an afternoon indulgence.

Find out more about Monster’s mean and lean energy drinks here.



  • 12 cans, 15 fluid ounces each
  • Variety pack includes:
  • Moca Loca (6 count)
  • Mean Bean (6 count)
  • Kosher
  • Net volume: 5.32 liters (180 oz.)
Weight 11.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 8 in