Member’s Mark Ultra 6 7/8″ Printed Paper Plates, 330 ct.


Member’s Mark Ultra 6 7/8″ Printed Paper Plates, 330 ct.


Why we love this

It’s our strongest paper plate, featuring a cut-resistant and grease-resistant design and advanced soak protection, plus it’s tough enough for foodservice use.


About this item

Advanced soak protection

Cut-resistant and grease-resistant

Disposable dinner plates great for parties and everyday use


Made in the USA

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Member’s Mark Ultra 6 7/8″ Printed Paper Plates, 330 ct.



If you’re searching for a strong paper plate that won’t leak, bend or require doubling up, look no further than Member’s Mark™ Ultra Plate, 6-7/8″ (330 ct.). Our strongest paper plate yet features a grease and cut-resistant construction that you can count on. Great for foodservice use or for when you’re feeing a crowd, these high-quality paper plates are multifunctional and reliable. Best of all, this 330-pack of disposable tableware is sure to last you through summer cookouts, parties, at work and beyond.


What Makes Member’s Mark Ultra Plate, 6-7/8″ Superior?

These throw-away paper plates feature ridged edges, make gripping easier and keeps food from sliding around. Also, their high-quality design means even sloppy barbecue or runny foods won’t leak through. They’re also cut and grease-resistant, meaning these plates can be bent and filled with messier foods to a certain extent without breaking or becoming flimsy. And because these made-in-the-USA paper plates are 70% heavier than other plates you may find you can count on Member’s Mark disposable tableware to stay strong for even the largest piles of grub.


Are Member’s Mark Ultra Plate, 6-7/8″ Microwaveable?

Yes, Member’s Mark disposable plates are safe for microwave use and will stay strong even when heated. These microwave-safe plates won’t melt and can stand up to reheating leftovers, cooking frozen meals, softening or melting ingredients and more.


What Are Alternate Uses for Disposable Tableware?

Parties, at work, on camping trips—there are obvious times and places for using disposable paper plates. But what about more creative ways to use them in the kitchen? Here are a few alternate instances in which you can use party plates:

When mixing up brownies or frosting, prevent splatter by placing a paper plate around your hand mixer by poking the beaters through a paper plate.

Out of paper towels? Drain your bacon grease my placing the strips on paper plates.

Prevent a messy microwave by covering food with these microwaveable paper plates.



  • 330 paper plates per pack
  • 6 7/8″ size plates perfect for snack and dessert meals!
  • Microwavable and cut resistant
  • Advanced soak protection and grease resistant
  • Made in the USA
Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 in