Member’s Mark Starlight Mints (112oz)


Member’s Mark Starlight Mints (112oz)


With the classic red and white swirl, refreshing, minty taste and individual wrapping, our starlight mints make the perfect hospitality mint, candy dish filler or after-dinner treat!


About this item

  • Made with real peppermint oil
  • Over 600 individually wrapped mints per bag
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Member’s Mark Starlight Mints (112oz)



Starlight Mints are well-known hard candies, ideal for everyday treats with a sweet and refreshing flavor that will keep your appetite satisfied with only 20 calories per piece.

Perfect to give away, to thank customers, add to candy dishes, or to simply reward yourself with a unique flavored candy from Argentina, manufactured by one of the largest hard candy producers in the world.

Member’s Mark Starlight Mints are made with real peppermint oil and are free of gluten. Each individually wrapped piece is double twisted and has a white center with 12 red stripes. Each 7-pound bag contains more than 600 pieces!

Don´t miss the opportunity to taste these sweet and refreshing Member’s Mark Starlight Mints. They are absolutely delicious! We are confident that you will be delighted.



  • Individually wrapped
  • Net weight: 7 pounds (112 ounces)