Member’s Mark Seasoned Croutons (32 oz.)

Member’s Mark Seasoned Croutons (32 oz.)



Member’s Mark Seasoned Croutons (32 oz.)


Twice baked and perfectly seasoned, these croutons by Member’s Mark use real French bread for a bistro taste and texture.


About this item

  • Seasoned croutons made with French bread
  • Twice baked and seasoned
  • Perfect complement to your salad
  • Add to stuffing or soup to enhance the flavor
  • A quick and tasty snack




Member’s Mark Seasoned Croutons (32 oz.)



Member’s Mark™ Seasoned Croutons (32 oz.) add delectable flavor and texture to salads, soups and so much more. These crunchy bread croutons can make a welcome addition to your kitchen or be used in a commercial setting to impart a kick of zesty taste.


Member’s Mark Seasoned Croutons

This bag contains 32-ounces of twice-baked French bread croutons that have been seasoned with Romano and parmesan cheeses, garlic, tomato, parsley and butter. The resealable bag helps prevent any leftover croutons from becoming stale. Each bag holds about 130 servings, so it’s ideal for stocking up your pantry at home or for use in restaurants.


Crunchy Flavor

Add some great crunch and flavor to a variety of dishes. Because these bread croutons are twice baked, they’re ultra-crunchy, which makes them delicious in soups and salads for additional seasoning and texture. They’re an excellent way to make an ordinary salad for lunch or dinner extra special.


Clever Uses for Member’s Mark Seasoned Croutons

These tasty seasoned croutons can be enjoyed other ways than on salads or in soups. Here are some of our favorites:

Make a zesty homemade stuffing with the croutons for a memorable side dish during the holidays or a Sunday dinner with family and friends.

Seasoned croutons make a fun and crunchy snack. Enjoy them right out of the bag or serve to guests with cheese cubes and fresh sliced fruits and veggies.

Throw them onto freshly cooked pasta dishes to add extra Italian seasoning zest and a delicious crunch.

Grind these seasoned croutons into a breadcrumb consistency and use to coat chicken or fish prior to cooking to achieve a crispy coating.

Toast some as breadcrumbs in a hot, oiled pan and then crack an egg over for an easy, crunchy dish.

Use as a filling for stuffed tomatoes or peppers along with cheese and beans for a hearty, wholesome and unique meal.



  • Net weight: 32 ounces
  • Resealable bag