Member’s Mark Printed Paper Bowls (12 oz., 200 ct.)

Member’s Mark Printed Paper Bowls (12 oz., 200 ct.)



Member’s Mark Printed Paper Bowls (12 oz., 200 ct.)


Why we love this

Featuring a cut- and grease-resistant design and advanced soak protection, these restaurant-ready paper bowls keep even the messiest foods under control.


About this item

  • Strong rim and advanced soak protection
  • 200 disposable soup bowls per package
  • Microwave-safe
  • Holds 12 ounces
  • Produced in the USA
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Member’s Mark Printed Paper Bowls (12 oz., 200 ct.)



Use them in your home. Use them in our business. Avoid the pitfalls of messy foods anywhere with Member’s Mark™ Printed Paper Bowls (12 oz., 200 ct.). Very sturdy design features will keep grease at bay and resist cuts and tears. These 12-ounce bowls are food-safe and ready to use.


Are Disposable Soup Bowls Sturdy?

Member’s Mark Printed Paper Bowls are restaurant-quality. They are resistant to grease and cuts and feature advanced soak protection with a study rim to safeguard from leaks and spills. From hearty stews, to soups and cereals, these disposable paper bowls will stand up to the messiest foods. The built-in advanced soak protection features ensure that even liquids will not penetrate the paper while you eat, providing you with a safe, convenient, disposable solution for your dining needs.


Can You Put a Print Paper Bowl in the Microwave?

Member’s Mark Printed Paper Bowls are microwavable. That means you can easily use them to reheat virtually any food that you might want. Warm up a snack, or reheat leftovers for dinner with confidence. Most paper plates, towels and napkins fit the bill. Because some paper products are made with or coated with plastics, the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) International recommends to solely use those products clearly marked as microwave-safe.


How Do Paper Plates and Bowls Stack Up in Terms of Sustainability?

Sustainability is key to modern living. For making sustainable decisions about your disposables, there are several factors to consider. The break-even point in energy use over paper counterparts are as follows: stainless steel has to be used 24 times, reusable plastic 17 times, glass 15 times, and ceramic dishware 118 times. This also doesn’t factor in the number of dishes sitting on shelves, gathering dust, that contribute to energy consumption but may never be used enough times to break even.



  • Size: 12 oz,
  • Material: Paper
  • Quantity: 200 bowls
  • Design: Floral
  • Global Product Type: Paper bowl