Member’s Mark Printed Paper Bath Cold Cup, 3 oz. (600 ct.)


Member’s Mark Printed Paper Bath Cold Cup, 3 oz. (600 ct.)


Why we love this

Member’s Mark disposable 3 oz. bath cups are convenient for rinsing your mouth after brushing, taking medication, swishing with mouthwash or for just taking a sip of water.


About this item

  • 3 oz. disposable cups
  • 660 cups per pack
  • Great for rinsing and taking medication
  • Made in the USA
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Member’s Mark Printed Paper Bath Cold Cup, 3 oz. (600 ct.)



Keep Member’s Mark™ Bath Cup, 3 oz. (600 ct.) handy and enjoy the convenience that a small, disposable paper cup can bring to your day. These made-in-America cold cups feature a sweet print that can brighten up any bathroom, waiting room, doctor’s office, or anywhere else you place them.


About Member’s Mark Bath Cup, 3 oz.

This pack contains 660 three-ounce disposable paper cups, the perfect size for rinsing after brushing your teeth, having a quick sip of water or for doling out a dose of pills. These cold cups are already stacked, so they can be removed from the packaging and placed on a countertop, kept in the bag with the top opened for easy access or loaded into a three-ounce disposable paper cup automatic dispenser.


Who Needs These Disposable Cups?

These disposable cups are popular in homes across the country as they make your morning and bedtime routine so much easier. They’re strong and sturdy, resisting tears, bends and leaks, so they can easily hold water, mouthwash, medicines and more. Disposable paper cups are also popular in public spaces, such as in the office breakroom and waiting rooms, generally stacked alongside a self-serve water cooler. Nurses and other medical professionals appreciate small paper cups like these as they make giving their patients prescription pills easier and more sanitary.


Are Member’s Mark Bath Cup, 3 oz. Handy?

Yes! This bulk pack of printed paper cups are handy in many ways. Since they come in a bulk pack of 600, no matter how and where they’re being used, it’s likely enough to last for a while. They’re also perfectly sized for little hands, so parents find these useful when helping their small children rinse their mouths or for offering a sip of water in the middle of the night. These cold cups are easy to access and store – simply keep them on the counter or in a closet and grab what you need when you need it. Since they’re stacked, they save space and resist spilling. These paper drinking cups are also strong enough to hold cold water and suit any single-use need.



  • Size: 3oz
  • Material: Waxed Paper
  • Quantity: 660 Cups
  • Design: FLORAL
  • Global Product Type: Bath Cup
Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 in
component country