Member’s Mark Premium Cane Sugar (2,000ct.)

Member’s Mark Premium Cane Sugar (2,000ct.)



Member’s Mark Premium Cane Sugar (2,000ct.)


About this item:

  • Premium cane sugar in single-serve packets
  • Perfect for restaurants, hotels and food service businesses
  • 10 calories per sugar packet
  • Use in drinks and on food
  • 12.5 lbs., 2,000 ct. box
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Member’s Mark Premium Cane Sugar (2,000ct.)


Keep your business stocked with Member’s Mark™ Premium Cane Sugar (12.5 lbs., 2,000 ct.). It comes in single-serve packets that allow customers or employees to grab exactly how much they need.


A Convenient Sweet

Besides being sweet and a non-GMO product, Member’s Mark Premium Cane Sugar is only 10 calories per pack. It’s finely granulated to easily dissolve into warm liquids like tea and coffee. This pure cane sugar can also be used to sweeten fresh fruit. It comes in a convenient box containing 2,000 packets that can be stored in a pantry or cabinet.


Pure Cane Sugar

Cane sugar is made from sugar cane. The plant is harvested and sent to a mill where the juice is extracted by diffusion or with water. The liquid is then clarified and heated to create a syrup. The syrup is concentrated through evaporators, the water is removed and then sugar crystals are formed. The raw sugar crystals have a brown, molasses coating that can go through a carbonation process or be bleached by sulfur dioxide to produce a whiter color. Granulated sugar has the molasses refined out of it. The fine crystals don’t cake together, making it ideal for baking, beverages or sprinkling onto food.


Great for Food Service Operations

These sugar packets are terrific for concession stands, restaurants and cafeterias. They can be placed into large condiment bins or inside of small holders on tables. The cane sugar packets are also ideal for break rooms and waiting areas. Use them in the home for simple portion control when sweetening up drinks, as well as sauces, fruit and other foods.



  • Convenient 1/10 ounce, single-serve packets
  • Non-GMO
  • Net weight: 12.5 pounds (200 ounces)