Member’s Mark Original Stone Baked Naan (35.2 oz.)

Member’s Mark Original Stone Baked Naan (35.2 oz.)



Member’s Mark Original Stone Baked Naan (35.2 oz.)


Why we love this

Looking for an alternative to your same old sandwich bread? Look no further! This flatbread is delicious and versatile, and with no trans-fat and no hydrogenated oils, you’ll feel good about making a healthy choice.


About this item

  • Delicious hand-finished naan baked in a patented tandoor tunnel oven at 900+ degrees to ensure authentic taste and texture
  • Signature Bubbles and Chars of an authentic naan
  • Versatile naan—perfect for topping, dipping or just warming up on its own
  • Best when served warm using the conventional oven, microwave or grill
  • Great for any time of day—serve for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner




Member’s Mark Original Stone Baked Naan (35.2 oz.)



Ordering Indian food to go sure has its perks. Delicious chicken tikka masala. Curry chicken flavors for days. Wonderful dessert options. Sometimes, you’d just rather catch the buffet, so you don’t have to make decisions or order too much food every time. One of the things that are always missing at home is having bread that matches the restaurant quality and authenticity. With this package of Member’s Mark™ Original Stone Baked Naan, you can enjoy naan the way it’s supposed to be.


What Makes Member’s Mark Original Stone Baked Naan So Special?

Some store brands of naan seem out of place. Whether they make the flatbread with artificial flavors or don’t go through the proper baking process, it just doesn’t taste the same. Using an unauthentic Indian naan recipe means that you’re doing a disservice to the delicious Indian food you’ve spent time making. Member’s Mark Original Stone Baked Naan is special because it’s made in a patented tandoor tunnel oven and baked at the exact temperatures of the restaurants. This tandoori naan recipe is crucial to delivering mouthwatering, soft and delicious naan bread.


What Is an Easy Naan Bread Recipe?

Using the highest quality Member’s Mark Original Stone Baked Naan, consider making a pizza. Just like you would with regular pizza dough, prepare your sauce by adding any extra spices and warm it up on the stove. Then, add the cheese on top, the most popular being mozzarella. On the edges of the naan bread, add some garlic and Cajun seasoning. Bake in the oven until the edges look slightly brown, and you’re ready to enjoy. This naan bread recipe for pizza might replace those basic chain restaurant brands.



  • 10 pieces per bag
  • No trans fat
  • No hydrogenated oils
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher certified
  • Vegetarian, dairy-free recipe naan