Member’s Mark Mountain Trek Mix (64 oz.)

Member’s Mark Mountain Trek Mix (64 oz.)



Member’s Mark Mountain Trek Mix (64 oz.)


Why We Love This

Perfect snack anytime with great taste.


About this item

  • 64-ounce resealable bag
  • Delicious blend of peanuts, raisins, M&M’s® milk chocolate candies, almonds and cashews
  • Quality you deserve




Member’s Mark Mountain Trek Mix (64 oz.)



Enjoy the delicious combination of sweet and salty with Member’s Mark™ Mountain Trek Mix (64 oz.).


What Comes in This Mountain Trek Mix?

Member’s Mark Mountain Trek Mix features a delicious blend of peanuts, M&M’s® milk chocolate candies, raisins, almonds and cashews. With all of these ingredients, you’re given an easy snack with recipes for delicious satisfaction.


Convenient Packaging

Member’s Mark Mountain Trek Mix comes in convenient packaging that has a resealable top in order for you to maintain the fresh, deliciousness inside of the package. The resealable pouches are easy to take with you whenever you’re out and about. Whether you’re at the office, at home, on a hike or on a camping trip, this Mountain Trek Mix makes for a deliciously convenient snack.


 What Does Kosher Mean?

This snack of Member’s Mark Mountain Trek Mix is labeled a kosher product, but what does that mean? An item that has been labeled as kosher means that the item meets the strict dietary restrictions of Jewish diet regulations. Food that is able to be consumed in accordance with the Jewish diet regulations is then deemed as kosher. 


Fun Facts About Peanuts, Cashews and Almonds

Interestingly, the peanuts, cashews and almonds in this Mountain Trek Mix are not technically considered “nuts.” In fact, cashews and almonds are actually a part of the “drupe” family. Drupes are fleshy fruits that grow on trees and contain pits with seeds, those pits with seeds are what we call almonds and cashews. As for peanuts, they are actually part of the legume family like peas and chickpeas. Legumes are dry fruits that split in the middle and contain pods, inside of those pods are where you find peanuts.


A Healthy Snack

Mountain Trek Mix is a healthy snack because it contains 0 grams of trans fat and also contains healthy amounts of unsaturated fats. It’s good to eat a snack without trans fats because trans fats can harm your heart health. Unsaturated fats, on the other hand, benefit your heart health and can help with weight loss. 



  • Kosher
  • Net weight: 4 pounds (64 ounces)
  • Contents: peanuts, raisins, M&M milk chocolate candies, almonds and cashews