Member’s Mark Handmade Crab Cakes (18 oz.)

Member's Mark Handmade Crab Cakes

Member’s Mark Handmade Crab Cakes (18 oz.)


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Member’s Mark Handmade Crab Cakes (18 oz.)


About this item

  • Gently handmade in small batches
  • Made exclusively with fresh, wild-caught, blue swimming crab meat
  • Prepared by a family-owned seafood company in Alabama
  • Fine dining quality
  • Just bake and serve


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Member’s Mark Handmade Crab Cakes (18 oz.)



Member’s Mark™ Handmade Crab Cakes (18 oz.) are made from freshly caught crabmeat and feature a delicious panko breading. When you can’t visit the Gulf Coast, these easy crab cakes are the next best thing. Pop them in the oven and serve the whole family fine-dining quality crab cakes. Each crab cake is made in a small batch to ensure the highest consistency and a homemade experience.


What Is the Best Way to Prepare Member’s Mark Handmade Crab Cakes?

There are several ways to prepare easy crab cakes, either in the oven or on your stovetop. You can sauté the crab cakes in a frying pan or bake them after thawing or in frozen form. These Member’s Mark Crab Cakes will cook up in only a few minutes, regardless of the cooking style. When you have very little time, sautéing them takes only five minutes and brings out a scrumptious flavor.


Family-Owned and Operated Seafood Company

All 18 oz. of crab cakes are prepared by a family-owned and operated seafood company in Alabama. The fresh crab meat is mixed with eggs, mayonnaise, and panko crumbs for a moist plate of crab cakes that holds together well. These crab cakes also get a generous dose of vegetables and spices to add extra flavor to any dish in your cooking arsenal. Make sure to keep the crab cakes frozen until you are ready to use them.


What Recipes Work Well With Member’s Mark Handmade Crab Cakes?

These easy crab cakes are not only simple to make but work in various recipes. You can serve them on a bun as a sandwich, as an appetizer, main course, or in a delicious salad. These crab cakes also pair well with other seafood dishes or can be served alongside steak for surf and turf when you are having guests over. Every pack of crab cakes comes with enough homemade cake for six people as an appetizer or side dish.



  • Handmade in south Alabama by a family-owned and operated seafood company that has been in business since 1971
  • Supplier is a member of the NFI Crab Council, which promotes sustainability of the blue swimming crab industry
  • GFSI-certified SQF Level II—excellent rating on food safety
  • Net weight: 18 oz.
  • Each pack contains six crab cakes(3 oz. each)
  • Keep frozen
  • Can be baked from frozen or thawed and then cooked in a pan/ oven

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Shipping Weight 2.5 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in


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