Member’s Mark French Roast Whole Bean Coffee (40 oz.)

Member’s Mark French Roast Whole Bean Coffee (40 oz.)


Member’s Mark French Roast Whole Bean Coffee (40 oz.)


Bold, rich and smoky, our French roast is the tall, dark stranger in your coffee rotation. We use 100% Arabica beans and keep it Fair Trade Certified.


About this item

  • Low acidity
  • Long smoky notes
  • 100% Colombian Arabica beans
  • Fair Trade Certified
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Products Description

Member’s Mark French Roast Whole Bean Coffee (40 oz.)



Have you been looking for a quality French roast coffee? Member’s Mark™ Fair Trade Certified French Roast Whole Bean Coffee could be a good option for you to bring into your pantry or into the office. It offers a flavor and an aroma that pleases, and it could be a good choice for those who are looking for one of the best French roast coffee options.


Why Choose Member’s Mark Fair Trade Certified French Roast Coffee?

The coffee is made from 100% Colombian Arabica beans. Whether you are looking for one of the best coffees for a French press, a slow drip coffee, or coffee for a traditional coffeepot, this could be a good option. It’ll work well for just about any method of making coffee you might have. It offers a great taste when finished, and the scent when it is brewing is sure to perk up anyone’s morning.


Enjoy the Taste

When you’re choosing a French coffee, you want to be sure that it has a truly delicious taste that will make your taste buds happy, of course. This coffee features a low acidity, so it has a pleasant aftertaste. The coffee features a high body along with long and smoky notes.

Something to keep in mind when you are choosing these French roast coffee beans is that they are whole beans. You will need to have a grinder to get them ready to make coffee. Grind up enough for just one pot of coffee, or for several. Just be sure to keep the French roast coffee in a container so it remains fresh.


How Does Member’s Mark Fair Trade Certified French Roast Coffee Make a Difference?

One of the other benefits of choosing this type of coffee is the fact that it is Fair Trade Certified™. This means that some of the money that goes toward the purchase of these French roast coffee beans will be going back to the farmers and the workers who are making the coffee.


Sourcing Story

Member’s Mark coffee comes from a range of cooperatives in Colombia. This coffee is purchased directly from a co-op of farmers and growers, Cooperativa de los Andes, which helps them put food on their table, support their families and invest in their communities. Each purchase aids in the development of family farmers, ensuring their growth and progress for generations to come.

At Cooperativa de los Andes, 1,730 the members have benefitted from a $128,000 program aimed at helping producers learn best practices like how to produce organic fertilizer. Trainings boost both productivity and increase quality which can provide pricing bonuses. Meanwhile, access to inputs like fertilizer can help drive down costs.

Farmer Quote: “We are really just beginning our lives as parents and producers, so we are very concerned about improving things not just for the future generations, but also for us now. Please remember that behind every pound of coffee you buy, there is a long story of quality and families trying their best to get ahead in life. We make sure the coffee you drink is organic, fair trade certified, without chemicals, and in harmony with the environment.”

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