Member’s Mark Distilled White Vinegar (1 gal., 2 pk.)


Member’s Mark Distilled White Vinegar (1 gal., 2 pk.)


About this item

  • Food grade quality white distilled vinegar diluted to 5% acidity that makes it perfect for both cooking and cleaning
  • White Distilled Vinegar is a true multi-purpose cleaner that fights the toughest bathroom lime scale while being gentle enough to clean your child’s toys
  • A perfect culinary aid, white distilled vinegar is a handy addition in any kitchen and helps the everyday chef make flakier pie crusts by adding 1 teaspoon to your dough recipe, poach flawless eggs by adding two teaspoons of white distilled vinegar to the boiling water, and cook fluffier rice by adding a splash of white distilled vinegar to your recipe
  • White distilled vinegar’s core ingredients make it perfect for cleaning your home or business with its uses ranging from removing rust to breaking down even the toughest grease stains in your oven
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Member’s Mark Distilled White Vinegar (1 gal., 2 pk.)



Member’s Mark Distilled White Vinegar is a great choice for cooking and cleaning. It’s a pantry staple that’s great for homes, restaurants and hotels.


How Is Distilled White Vinegar Made?

Commonly used, distilled white vinegar is made from grains that are fermented and changed into acetic acid. It’s then diluted with water to a preferable acidity.


What Can I Use Member’s Mark Distilled White Vinegar for When Cooking?

Besides pickling, distilled vinegar can be used to add flavor to an array of recipes. It’s ideal for creating barbecue sauces and ketchup. This white vinegar can be put in coleslaw, soups, mayonnaise and chili. Use it in marinades to help tenderize your favorite cuts of meat.

Of course, this vinegar is also terrific for making salad dressing. Place a few tablespoons in boiling water to quickly set the whites of eggs when poaching, to have fluffier rice or to prevent pasta from sticking together. Spritz some on fresh veggies, as well as fruits, and then rinse with water to remove surface bacteria.


Member’s Mark Distilled White Vinegar Is Perfect for Cleaning

When it comes to cleaning homes and businesses, distilled white vinegar makes a wonderful chemical-free alternative.

Kitchen: use it on the inside of the refrigerator, on cutting boards to keep germs at bay, to clean off splatter inside of microwaves, on countertops (except for porous stone countertops due to acidity) to remove stains, spills and odors, to remove buildup in coffee pots and dishwashers

Bathroom: use distilled vinegar on shower walls and shower heads, to wipe off mirrors, to clean toilets, to clear slow moving drains when mixed with baking soda

Laundry: add a cup to the final rinse cycle to soften fabrics, put in wash cycle to help stop drying lint from sticking to garments and to reduce static cling

Carpets: white vinegar can be used to remove soap residue left behind after shampooing and for pet accidents

Exterior: use white vinegar as a weed killer and to clean windows



  • Two (2)- one (1) gallon jugs
  • Reduced to 5% acidity
  • Food grade quality- can be used for both cooking and cleaning