Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Plates, 6.25″ (110 ct.)


Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Plates, 6.25″ (110 ct.)


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Whether you need them for a baby shower or a catered brunch, these clear disposable plates deliver superior quality at a members-only price.


About this item

  • Pack of 110 clear 6.25″ disposable plastic plates
  • Great for foodservice, parties and everyday use
  • Recyclable
  • Made in the USA

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Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Plates, 6.25″ (110 ct.)



If you’re feeding a large group at a family reunion or party but don’t look forward doing the dishes when the shindig is over, grab Member’s Mark™ Clear Plastic Plates, 6.25″ (110 ct.). These are perfect for when you’re prepping for birthday parties, summer cookouts, office work parties, holiday parties and picnics.


About Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Plates

These heavy-duty plastic plates will be a guest favorite because they stay durable even when piled with barbecue, birthday cake, Thanksgiving leftovers and finger foods. Even better, the ridges that are formed into the edges of the plate makes gripping and keeping food put. This convenient and economical pack includes 110 heavy-duty, disposable plates, so that you can always be ready to serve up tasty food to family and friends. Although these clear plastic plates are disposable, we highly recommend the eco-friendly choice of recycling or better yet—washing them and reusing.


Why Are Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Plates Better?

These Member’s Mark plastic plates are better than other plastic plate brands because of their durability and construction. The ridges alone the outer edge of these disposable plates aren’t just for decoration—they also make gripping the plates easier and help keep food, like peas and runny sauces, from sliding around. Also, the premium quality is durable enough to hold heavy foods without having to double up. Although these plates are disposable, they’re durable enough to withstand hand washing so that you may reuse them, save money and help the eco-friendly effort.


How and Where Can I Use Premium Plastic Plates?

Whether you’re planning a 4th of July cookout and need some extra plates or are brainstorming crafts you can make with your kiddo with household items, these heavy-duty plastic plates are here to save the day. Here are a few practical (and some creative) uses for heavy-duty plastic plates:

  • For serving and eating hors d’oeuvres at your next party
  • Making cleanup easier by eliminating a pile of dishes
  • Extra padding between dishes and other breakables while moving homes
  • Staying durable for a pile of messy barbecue during summer cookouts
  • Acting as a paint palette for your little painter during craft hour