Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Plates, 9″ (55 ct.)


Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Plates, 9″ (55 ct.)


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Whether you need them for a baby shower or a catered brunch, these clear disposable plates deliver superior quality at a members-only price.


About this item

  • Pack of 55 clear 9″ plastic plates
  • Good for parties, foodservice and everyday use
  • Recyclable
  • Made in the USA

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Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Plates, 9″ (55 ct.)



When cooking for a big backyard picinc or prepping for a kids’ birthday party rely on Member’s Mark™ Clear Plastic Plates, 9″ (55 ct.). When the party’s over, cleaning up can feel like a daunting task. Look forward to post-party cleanup by stocking up on these heavy-duty, plastic and disposable plate.


About Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Plates

These plates are perfect for parties, cookouts, work parties, holiday parties, camping and picnics and are a favorite because they stay strong even when piled with barbecue, birthday cake and hors d’oeuvres. Even better, the ridges that line the edge of these nine-inch plastic plates make gripping feel natural and they keep food from sliding about. This economical and convenient pack includes 55 heavy-duty, disposable plates, great for catering an event and insuring you have enough plates to go around—without having stacks of plastic cutlery left over. These clear plastic plates are disposable, but we highly recommend the eco-friendly choice of recycling or better yet—washing them and reusing.


Why Are Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Plates Better?

These Member’s Mark clear plates are better than alternative plastic plates you’ll find at other stores because of their strength, durability and construction. The ridges built into the plates aren’t just for looks—they make handling the plates easier and keep food, like sauces and veggies, from rolling around. Also, the higher quality of construction makes these plastic, disposable plates feel more like you are eating from a ceramic plate. They’re durable enough to hold hefty foods without having to grab two plates. Although these plates are meant to be thrown away after a single use, they’re sturdy enough to be hand washed so that you can reuse them, save money, save another trip to the grocery store next time you’re prepping for a party and help the eco-friendly effort.


How and Where Can I Use Premium Plastic Plates?

Whether you’re planning a family reunion for all your loved ones and need some extra plates or are brainstorming how to use your leftover plastic plates after the event is over, these heavy-duty plastic plates are multifunctional. Here are a few practical and create uses for heavy-duty plastic plates:

  • For displaying and eating finger foods at your next party
  • Making post-party cleaning simple by eliminating tons of dirty dishes
  • Extra padding between cups and other delicate items while moving homes
  • Staying strong for piles of food during block parties and cookouts
  • Being an art tool for your little one, like a makeshift paint pallet or blank canvas
Weight 33.2 lbs
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