Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Cups (16 oz.,132 ct.)

Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Cups (16 oz.,132 ct.)



Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Cups (16 oz.,132 ct.)


Why we love this

Clear as day and shatter resistant, these disposable plastic cups are sure to be your go-to for entertaining, outdoor and business/office use.


About this item

  • Premium-quality, plastic drinking cups
  • Shatter-resistant
  • Use for parties, catering or everyday
  • Terrific for home or business
  • Made in the USA




Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Cups (16 oz.,132 ct.)



Make serving drinks to a large group a breeze with these Member’s Mark™ Clear Plastic Cups (16 oz.,132 ct.). They’re premium-quality and useful to have on hand for entertaining.


Why Use Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Cups?

These cups are constructed from durable plastic that’s also shatter-resistant. They’re transparent, making it easy to see what’s poured inside. In addition to being made in the USA, these plastic drinking cups come in a convenient pack of 132.


Great for Events

These Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Cups are suitable to use for a variety of events. Since they’re disposable, guests can simply throw them away when done. Each plastic cup can hold up to 16 oz. of liquid, from fruit punch to beer. They’re terrific for family reunions, neighborhood barbecues, birthday parties, receptions, tailgating and more.


What Else Can You Do With Plastic Cups?

Apart from being used for drinking, these disposable plastic cups are ideal for a variety of things. Fill them with soil, plant seeds and water to start a garden indoors. Use these containers in a garage to sort small hardware like screws, nuts and bolts. They can be placed on desks to neatly store markers, pens and other writing tools. Use these plastic cups for holding paint for small projects. They’re also perfect for foods like ice cream, popcorn, smoothies and parfaits.


Useful for Homes and Businesses

These clear disposable cups are excellent for everyday use. They can be utilized in households to enjoy a beverage while doing anything from watching movies to just relaxing outdoors on the patio. Premium-quality, these containers are sturdy enough for classroom projects. Stock them in office spaces for employees and customers. These plastic cups are even wonderful for restaurants, caterers, concession stands and cafeterias.



  • 16 oz. cups
  • Quantity: 132