Member’s Mark Clear 12 oz. Plastic Cups (172ct.)


Member’s Mark Clear 12 oz. Plastic Cups (172ct.)


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Clear as day and shatter resistant, these disposable plastic cups are sure to be your go-to for entertaining, outdoor and business/office use


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  • Crystal-clear plastic makes it easy to see the contents
  • Shatter-resistant plastic cups protect against breakage
  • Convenient 172-count package helps ensure plenty of stock
  • Premium-quality cups are made in the USA

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Member’s Mark Clear 12 oz. Plastic Cups (172ct.)



Member’s Mark™ clear, plastic cups make it easy to serve drinks at home, while entertaining and at the office. With a shatter-proof design and completely clear exterior, these cups are sure to become your go-to choice whenever you’re serving beverages.


Can These Disposable Plastic Cups Minimize Dishwashing?

Clear plastic cups help you spend more time with guests and family, and less time washing the dishes. These disposable cups let everyone enjoy a refreshing beverage with easy cleanup. Simply toss the used cup in the trash or a proper recycling bin and eliminate the need for washing. Disposable plastic cups also help keep break rooms and office kitchens clean by eliminating the need to wash them at the end of the day.


Do These Clear Plastic Cups Allow for Less Waste?

Reuse shatter-resistant Member’s Mark Clear Plastic Cups throughout the day and minimize waste. Their clear design lets you write names or initials on the outside so everyone can clearly see their own drinks. Allowing guests to reuse the same cup throughout a party or gathering helps cut costs and reduce trash at the end of the day. At home, simply wash the cups with your usual meal dishes and use them as you would a traditional plastic cup. Ask employees to reuse their cups throughout the workday to reduce waste and minimize restocking costs.


What Are Some Creative Uses for Plastic Cups?

Get creative and use disposable plastic cups for a variety of crafts, or use them throughout the home in other ways. A clean, dry plastic cup is a great way to start seedlings or let kids grow their own plant. Children can decorate used cups with markers and paints and create storage options for pens, pencils and other small items. Use a permanent marker to add measurements and use clear plastic cups for measuring liquids and dry ingredients in the kitchen. Place plastic cups over the bulbs in strand lights for festive decorations that add ambiance to any party or gathering. Disposable cups are a cost-effective way to hold paint during crafting sessions. When the project is done, just toss the cups in the trash to minimize cleanup.



  • 172 ct. bag
  • Bag dimensions: 11.688″H x 7.875″W x 7.875″D
Weight 5.33 lbs
Dimensions 18.5 × 11.1 × 7.4 in
component country