Member’s Mark Chicken Broth (32 oz., 6 pk.)

Member’s Mark Chicken Broth (32 oz., 6 pk.)

Member's Mark Chicken Broth

Member’s Mark Chicken Broth (32 oz., 6 pk.)


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Member’s Mark Chicken Broth (32 oz., 6 pk.)


This rich golden chicken broth pairs well with all your favorite recipes. From comfort food classics to new and exciting recipes, you’ll love Member’s Mark Chicken Broth.


About this item

  • Made from free-range chickens
  • No MSG or artificial flavors
  • Roasted chicken flavor with an herbal aroma
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Member’s Mark Chicken Broth (32 oz., 6 pk.)



Keep the pantry stocked with Member’s Mark Chicken Broth.


How Does It Taste?

Member’s Mark Chicken Broth is a golden broth with the flavor of roasted chicken and vegetable notes. This tasty chicken broth pairs well with any of your favorite cooking recipes. Whatever recipe you use it for, you and your family are going to enjoy Member’s Mark Chicken Broth.


The Significance Of Free-Range Chickens

Products using free-range chickens have allowed their chickens access to the outdoors, sunshine and fresh air. One of the biggest benefits of free-range chickens is that you know the chicken has lived in a much higher-quality living space than a conventionally raised chicken. Also, free-range chickens present a much lower chance of being infected with bad bacterias. Conventionally raised chickens are confined to small spaces, which makes it much easier for disease to spread.

Especially because the chickens are confined at such a young age that they don’t have enough time to build up an effective immune system. Also, studies show that commercial chickens may have an effect on human hormones, particularly on women: the studies have connected commercial chicken with polycystic ovary syndrome in females, which is caused by steroid hormonal imbalances. When you’re eating products produced from free-range chickens, like Member’s Mark Chicken Broth, you can have peace of mind about the livelihood of the chickens and about your own health.



  • 6 – 32 oz. carton

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