Member’s Mark Canned Atlantic Salmon (7 oz., 5 pk.)


Member’s Mark Canned Atlantic Salmon (7 oz., 5 pk.)


You will love the versatility of this product.


About this item

  • Canned salmon that is both boneless and skinless
  • Take it right out of the can and serve
  • Makes a great dip or extra salad ingredient
  • A great way to replace tuna
  • Works well in sandwiches
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Member’s Mark Canned Atlantic Salmon (7 oz., 5 pk.)



Member’s Mark Canned Atlantic Salmon is a versatile solution to everyone’s salmon cravings.


What Makes This Canned Salmon So Convenient?

Eating salmon can sometimes be a chore. Finding it, cooking it, deboning it, and all the other steps make it a less than ideal solution. However, with Member’s Mark Canned Atlantic Salmon these problems are all alleviated. The fresh, tasty salmon has no bones, so it’s easy to eat straight out of the can. It has the convenience of tuna with that unmistakably great salmon flavor. In addition, it is skinless as well. There’s no need to worry about rubbery skin as you chew your way through this healthy snack. It is delicious without all of the hassles.


What Are Some Good Ways to Eat Atlantic Salmon?

There are a ton of options when it comes to making a meal or a snack out of Member’s Mark Canned Atlantic Salmon. One way is to simply use it as a replacement for regular tuna fish. You can mix it with mayo just as you would tuna, or toss in some mustard for a little extra spice.

You can also throw it a sandwich. Combine it with some fresh veggies like lettuce or tomato, and the salmon flavor will pop out just right. You can also put it in a casserole for a smooth, chunky cheesy meal. Or it can be used in dips and salads to add a little something different to an appetizer.


Easy to Serve

All you have to do is drain out the water and take it out of the can. There’s no prep needed at all, as it is a delicious surprise all its own. There’s also no need to worry about allergic reactions for those with gluten intolerance because it’s gluten-free. This is the kind of ingredient that can be flipped into a myriad of great meals.



  • Kosher U Parve
  • Gluten-free
Weight 8.8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 3 × 15 in