Member’s Mark All Butter Cocktail Croissants (20 ct.)


Member’s Mark All Butter Cocktail Croissants (20 ct.)


Why we love this

Multiple layers of butter are baked into the dough, giving these croissants the flakiest texture with a tender bite inside. Enjoy plain or with fillings!


About this item

  • Rich, buttery flavor
  • Flaky texture on the outside
  • Airy inside with soft interior
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Member’s Mark All Butter Cocktail Croissants (20 ct.)



Add some fresh-baked excitement to your meals with Member’s Mark™ All-Butter Cocktail Croissants. They’re light and full of flavor, just like the famous croissants savored in France.


Member’s Mark All-Butter Cocktail Croissants

Baked fresh in Club, Member’s Mark All-Butter Cocktail Croissants have a flaky texture and a soft, rich interior. They’re made with one of the highest percentages of butter-to-dough ratios. We layer the butter into the dough 108 times during the production process to give these cocktail croissants an airy, tasty inside.


Croissants or Pastries

Made of a yeast-leavened dough, croissants are folded many times in succession and then rolled into a sheet using a method called laminating. The process creates a flaky exterior to the bread that’s similar to a puff pastry. Croissants, unlike puff pastries, have yeast and milk added to the dough that makes them richer as they rise more.


Great to Serve

These all-butter croissants are ideal for serving at breakfast, luncheons and at parties. They come in a convenient 20-ct. resealable plastic container. A tempting snack to have at home or at the office, they go anywhere with ease.


Be Creative

Even though these butter croissants are delicious on their own, they can be enjoyed in many ways.


  • Stuff them with mozzarella, brush with a light garlic, herb and butter spread, and bake for several minutes.
  • Cut these flaky croissants in half, put each section into a muffin pan, fill with cooked ground beef or turkey and top with cheese. Next, bake in the oven until cheese is melted.
  • Make sweet and delicious monkey bread by placing the croissants into a slow cooker and topping them with a sauce made with sugar, butter, cinnamon, milk and pudding mix.
  • Slice a few apples and sprinkle them with sugar, nutmeg and cinnamon. Cut the soft croissants in the center, fill with the spiced apple slices and bake for a few minutes.