Mangos (8.8 lbs.)


Mangos (8.8 lbs.)


About this item

  • Sweet tropical treat
  • 100% of daily amount of vitamin C
  • Enjoy with salt, lime, or chili powder

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Mangos (8.8 lbs.)



Mangos (8.8 lbs.) are one of nature’s most exotic treats, a sweet and sensuous symphony on the tongue, with their tender and slightly stringy texture. The tropics in which mangos are grown lend the fruit its fragrant aroma, the sweet smell of sun-ripened fruit and multicolor skin.


Unlike other fruits, a mango does not outwardly reveal its ripeness. At least not by appearance. To test whether a mango is ready to eat, it must be touched and smelled. A light squeeze will reveal the firmness or tenderness of the flesh—if there is a slight give, a small depression where your fingers pressed, it is probably ready to be eaten. If it also smells fragrant like a sweet tropical melon, then it is definitely ready to eat. The beauty of the mango is that it can be coaxed into ripeness simply with patience. Place one in a brown paper bag and leave it at room temperature for a day or two and it will reward you with juicy tenderness that runs down your chin with every bite.


Are These Dried Mango Slices?

No, but dehydrated mango can be made at home to make dried mango. Or it can be cut and then dehydrated to make dried mango pieces. This fresh alternative to freeze-dried mango will result in greater preservation of flavor. You can also eat them fresh with salt and or chili powder, a squirt of lime and a fork.


Is This Organic Mango?

No, these are conventionally grown mangos from different parts of the world depending on the time of year. They are grown in either Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador or Peru.



  • Approx. 8-10 mangos
  • Net weight: 8.8 pounds