Large Seedless Oranges (6 lb.)

Large Seedless Oranges (6 lb.)



Large Seedless Oranges (6 lb.)



  • Large and flavorful seedles orange
  • Freshly picked to ensure maximum flavor
  • Excellent source of vitamin B1, C, potassium, and calcium
  • Protects against cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol




Large Seedless Oranges (6 lb.)



Large Seedless Oranges offer a refreshing way to snack while enjoying the benefits of vitamin-rich citrus. This 6-pound bag is stuffed with juicy, naturally grown seedless oranges that are suitable for individuals and families alike.


What Are the Health Benefits of Large Seedless Oranges?

Large oranges contain a number of vital nutrients in each serving, including vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium and dietary fiber. Each orange is bursting with fresh-picked flavor and refreshing juices. Because they’re naturally sweet, large seedless oranges make a great replacement for less-than-healthy foods you may reach for when sugar cravings strike. They’re free of fat, cholesterol and sodium, yet still pack a wallop of flavor that cannot be imitated.


Oranges for Everyone

Pretty much anyone who enjoys easy-to-peel fruits can enjoy these large oranges. They’re sized to quash hunger, making them ideal for snacking on in-between meals. They’re a staple in homes and offices across the country, and with this 8-pound bag of bulk fresh fruit, there should be enough for everyone to enjoy. Kids of all ages enjoy the taste of large seedless oranges, while parents enjoy the fact that they’re vitamin-packed. Toss one in your kid’s lunchbox so they can munch on a naturally sweet treat while at school.


What’s the Best Way to Enjoy Large Seedless Oranges?

Large Oranges are not only sweet and refreshing, they’re also extremely versatile and can be incorporated into meals throughout the day. Fresh fruit makes great juice, with orange juice being the original ideal breakfast accompaniment. Use a juicer, zester or squeeze by hand to enjoy glasses of fresh-squeezed orange juice. Large seedless oranges also make flavorful lunch smoothies when blended with bananas, protein powder and ice. For dinner, wok-fry vegetables and chicken and add a few squeezes of orange for an Asian-inspired meal. And of course, peeled and eaten as-is is always delicious, any time of day.



  • Approx. net weight: 6 pounds