La Banderita White Corn Tortillas (66.3 oz.)


La Banderita White Corn Tortillas (66.3 oz.)


About this item

  • Authentic Mexican wheat-free wraps
  • Made with the highest quality ingredients
  • Perfect for tacos, enchiladas and flautas
  • Healthy option for a low cholesterol diet
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La Banderita White Corn Tortillas (66.3 oz.)



La Banderita White Corn Tortillas are fresh, delicious and made with the highest quality ingredients. With a soft texture and thicker cut, these tortillas are perfect for baking enchiladas, casseroles and tacos. La Banderita White Corn Tortillas are a premium quality product that combines consistent quality with an authentic Mexican flair. Whether you are looking for a fajita base or a lunchtime wheat-free wrap, these tortillas are a convenient purchase and everyday staple.


What Is the Difference Between Corn Tortillas and Flour Tortillas?

La Banderita White Corn Tortillas are made from two simple ingredients, whole grain corn and water, and feature a firm chewy texture. In contrast, flour tortillas are made from wheat flour for a softer and more malleable texture. While both have a great taste, the whole grains used to manufacture corn tortillas add a healthy dose of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Also, if you are looking for a low carb tortilla, corn tortillas are a smart choice.


How Should La Banderita Tortillas Be Stored?

You can store your corn tortillas in your pantry or on your countertop until the expiration date listed on your individual package. If the package of tortillas has been opened, remember to securely fasten it to preserve freshness. La Banderita tortillas may also be refrigerated or frozen to prolong their shelf-life.


More About La Banderita

Veronica Moreno, the founder of La Banderita, started her tortilla business in 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia, by making delicious tortillas from traditional ingredients and techniques passed down from her native Mexico. A family-run business, La Banderita manufactures an extensive line of tortillas featuring quality ingredients and authentic Mexican taste.



80 total tortillas

Gluten free

No cholesterol