KT Tape Pro Extreme Synthetic Precut Kinesiology Tape (20 ct.)


KT Tape Pro Extreme Synthetic Precut Kinesiology Tape (20 ct.)



  • Pre-cut strips for convenient, on-the-go use
  • Made with 100% synthetic fabric for heightened durability and water-resistance   
  • Extra strength adhesive for use in extreme conditions and training
  • Flexible support without restricted range of motion
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KT Tape Pro Extreme Synthetic Precut Kinesiology Tape (20 ct.)



Extreme Support for Every Lifestyle

KT Tape Pro Extreme is a kinesiology tape made with the premium quality synthetic performance material and extra strength adhesive to withstand the most rigorous of active lifestyles and the most extreme conditions. When you are deep in your training regimen or going on a major hiking excursion, you can rely on KT Tape Pro Extreme to provide the long-lasting support and drug-free pain relief, wherever your body may need for days on end, without restricting any range of motion so you can move freely and enjoy your activity.*


Convenient, On-the-Go Use

Pack a roll of KT Tape Pro Extreme into your gym bag or backpack to have on hand when you need convenient relief. Each roll contains 20 conveniently pre-cut strips that can be easily applied to the skin to target pain in soft tissue such as muscles, tendons, or ligaments and can be worn for 4-7 days to enjoy the benefits through showers, sweat, moisture—even swimming! Video tutorials are accessible online to learn KT Tape’s simple application techniques for some the most frequently used target areas, including: knee, shoulder, neck, plantar fasciitis, low back, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and many more!


KT Tape is proud to provide products that encourage a healthy, active lifestyle for elite and everyday athletes alike, without any bulk or discomfort to get in the way of performance or ample recovery. KT Tape is not strictly for recovering from injuries, new studies show that using KT Tape to support major muscle groups during and after exercise can help decrease muscle soreness for 48-72 hours post-workout. If you find you need daily pain relief or support, you can easily incorporate this tool into your weekly routine—your body will thank you for it!


*Not clinically proven for all applications.



  • 20 pre-cut strips
  • 10″ pre-cut
  • Comes in black and beige
  • Essential, user-friendly product to keep in your gym bag
  • Versatile product to fit the needs of all
  • Long-lasting and flexible support
  • Easy application
  • Use as directed