Kinder’s Butcher’s Seasoning Pack (4 pk.)


Kinder’s Butcher’s Seasoning Pack (4 pk.)


About this item

  • Includes four different rubs
  • Perfect for grilling
  • Great for use on most proteins and vegetables
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Kinder’s Butcher’s Seasoning Pack (4 pk.)




The Kinder’s Butcher’s Pack features four of our most popular grilling items.


The Steak Blend

A truly a unique blend of seasonings including garlic, onion, lemon peel and a special mushroom blend perfect for any cut of steak.


Buttery Steakhouse

One of Kinder’s best-selling items, Buttery Steakhouse features real dairy butter with the herbs and cracked pepper of great steakhouse seasoning. However, don’t limit yourself to using this item only on steak. It also works great across chicken, fish and vegetables. Many people like it on their popcorn as well.


Carne Asada

Their take on carne asada features a base of real orange and lime juice, sea salt, garlic and a blend of cumin and other spices. This rub works great not only on beef, but also chicken and fish.


Butcher’s All Purpose

This product is a versatile, go-to seasoning with garlic and chili pepper. Whether you’re looking to season beef, pork or vegetables on the grill or in the oven, you’ll find this items delivers delicious flavor all year round.


In 1946, World War II Navy veteran John Kinder started his own butcher shop in a small storefront in San Pablo, California. Over the next seven decades, John built a reputation for commitment to quality, family service and amazing flavors. At the age of 90, he was still showing up first and helping customers find quality ingredients to make clean, delicious meals for family and friends. At Kinder’s, they carry on Grandpa John’s legacy. They show up first. They treat you like family. They are obsessed with quality. And they hope you love their flavorful seasonings and sauces as much as they do.



  • Includes:
    • 9.6 oz. The Steak Blend
    • 9.5 oz. Buttery Steakhouse
    • 8.8 oz. Carne Asada
    • 9.4 oz. Butcher’s All-Purpose
  • No added MSG
Weight 3.56 lbs
Dimensions 17.25 × 12.25 × 6.25 in